GSBC Bleacher Report

GSBC Bleacher Report is a student made, student run blog at GSBC that highlights intramural sports and other informational articles from a student's perspective


The GSBC Bleacher Report has been blessed with an incredible group of college students that work diligently in bringing the most accurate GSBC Intramural Sports-related information to the world wide web! Whether it is a sports analyst or a meme creator, the GSBC Bleacher Report has it all! We just want to take this part of our site and make it known how incredible these people are!

(Name and Position)

Donald Jerry Chitty III

  • Board of Advisers

Joshua Chitty

  • Board of Directors

Pablo Cuevas

  • Board of Directors, Sports Analyst

Alysa Davis

  • Social Media Assistant

Lauren Gibson

  • Photography and Media, Board of Advisers

Chris Jaimes Jr.

  • Board of Directors, Board of Governors, Meme Page Director, Camera Man, Social Media, GSBC Bleacher Report Network

Alejandro Lizardi

  • Board of Directors, Sports Analyst

Alyssa Neal

  • Board of Advisers, Assistant Director of Memes

Jonathan Reimers

  • Board of Advisers

Nathan Root

  • Social Media Assistant, GSBC Bleacher Report Network

Sam Slattery

  • Sports Analyst, Columnist, Broadcasting

Caleb Turner

  • Board of Directors, Board of Governors, Promoter, Social Media, Broadcasting, Sports Analyst, Columnist, GSBC Bleacher Report Network

Joshuah Unger

  • Board of Advisers, Broadcasting, Sports Analyst

Jonathan Treadway

  • Camera Man, Broadcasting, GSBC Bleacher Report Network

Thomas Woods

  • Technical Assistance, GSBC Bleacher Report Network

Josiah Goddard

  • Camera Man

Jonathan Rubio

  • Camera Man

Regina Grimsley

  • Camera Lady

Brianna Turner

  • Camera Lady


On the GSBC Intramural Sports Program side, the commissioner of the entire GSBC ISP is Bro. Junar Obstaculo!! The former and retired GSBC ISP Commissioner is Bro. Dan Callaghan!!









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