The following is from Caleb Turner:


An Opportunity of a Lifetime


I am sitting at my work desk just a little over 40 hours ago from walking across the platform of North Valley Baptist Church to receive my diploma from Golden State Baptist College. The emotions on that particular evening were too incredible to digest at the time and even now I think back to that night and I cannot wrap my head around the thought that I am now a GSBC graduate! 4 years of learning under great men of God like—Pastor Trieber, Bro. Giovanelli and Bro. Oxendine—is done!

When I began Bible college 4 years ago, I could never have imagined the many opportunities I would be given to fulfill childhood dreams! I got to work on bus routes and Bible clubs followed by opportunities to serve in Sunday school classes and junior churches! The Lord opened door after door and every door created more opportunities! In January of 2017, a new opportunity presented itself. This opportunity was beyond incredible—it was astronomical! The thought of a “Bleacher Report” for GSBC did not seem possible! But here we were, starting something that was groundbreaking in every sense of the word, “groundbreaking!” Chris Jaimes Jr., Pablo Cuevas, Josh Chitty, Alejandro Lizardi, Nicholas Butcher and myself launched a social media experiment known as the GSBC Bleacher Report on January 23, 2017!

From stats coverage, to sports articles, to player rosters, to player rankings—you name it, we covered it! However, it was not until April that an idea came up to start the GSBC Bleacher Report Network. This idea would allow us to livestream the GSBC Intramural Sports Program on Facebook LIVE for families, friends, staff and students to watch if they were unable to join us in the GSBC Gymnasium. I can recall the first “big time broadcast” which was the 2017 GSBL and GSVL Championship Games! The overwhelming show of support online was very encouraging!

We went into that summer break ready to raise the bar yet again! Thus we began to make plans to livestream the 2017 GSFFL from Montague Park Field! With the help of Bro. Adam Russ and Gareth Oxendine, we wired a 200 foot CAT 5 cable from the edge of the men’s dormitory to the middle of the field. The result was absolutely incredible!

In December of this past year, I got married and was wondering if I would be able to return as an “off-campus” student to continue my broadcasting! We discussed it and came to the conclusion that I would still be able to livestream the 2018 Golden State Basketball League on Sunday nights! The late Sunday nights and early Monday mornings made for some exhausting nights at work; but it was BEYOND worth it! I got to watch the best athletes in all of GSBC put on a show every Sunday night all while fulfilling a childhood dream of broadcasting!

So here I sit. A graduate of the great Golden State Baptist College. The next several months will take me from California to Tennessee, back to California and who knows where else as my wife and I begin deputation to get to the country of Uganda as missionaries! This means that I must make a very difficult announcement in regards to my status as the Director and Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report. As of today, May 4, 2018, I am announcing my retirement from broadcasting for the GSBC Bleacher Report. While this is a very difficult announcement to make, it was definitely inevitable.

The future is NOW! I have full faith in Trent Bailey, Stephen Roueche and CJ Jaimes as they will be taking over the reins of the GSBC BR! I would ask that you please be patient with them and allow them some time to get the hang of it! They will do fantastic and take the GSBC BR to heights that I could never reach!

You all have been so kind to me in allowing me into your homes, your dorm rooms, your cars and your offices! I owe so much to the staff and students of GSBC as well as the countless parents, family members and friends around the nation and around the world who listened and watched as I had the honor to livestream the greatest intramural sports program in the world!

To Bro. Callaghan and Bro. Junar, THANK YOU for working with me side by side in getting schedules, confirmations and player rosters put together. You made my job of releasing information easier than it should have been!

To Bro. Giovanelli and Bro. Oxendine, THANK YOU for putting your confidence in me to use a live mic in front of a GSBC audience time and time again to broadcast our intramural sports program!

To my dad and mom, Ben and Becky Turner, THANK YOU for staying up late on Sunday nights to listen to your son come full circle from the Nintendo Gamecube in your living room to Facebook LIVE in the Bear Cave of GSBC!

To my wife, Abbey Turner, THANK YOU for putting up with my constant discussions and talks regarding players and stats over the last 4 and a half months of being married! You mean the world to me and I love you!

To my camera man, Chris Jaimes Jr., THANK YOU for helping me fulfill a dream as well as sharpen me to be a better announcer, broadcaster and commentator!

To those who I have failed to mention by name, THANK YOU for your encouraging words and supporting lifestyle over the last 16 months! You made every thing so much easier!

To Golden State Baptist College, THANK YOU for being my alma mater, my training ground, my place of learning—I will never forget you!

To my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, THANK YOU for giving me the ability to do all that I did over the last 16 months! Without You, I am nothing.

To the GSBC Bleacher Report, THANK YOU for being the platform of opportunity that I would use as a beacon of light to a country and world clamoring for the GSBC Intramural Sports Program!

I will never forget these last 16 months nor will I stop following the GSBC Bleacher Report! This has truly been the greatest ride of my life and I am thankful for every single opportunity that I received to make the last 16 months more special than they could have ever been! My hope is that my kids could someday be the future broadcasters on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network! My prayer is that this “social media experiment” will one day become a SOLID part in the regular activities of Golden State Baptist College!


Forever the FIRST Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report,

Caleb Benjamin Turner