• #2 Team Monteiro vs #4 Team Tanqueco

    • When: Sunday, April 29th at 10PM
    • Where: GSBC Gymnasium in Santa Clara, CA
    • Favorite: Team Tanqueco -13 

At the beginning of the season, we picked Team Keeton and Team Mayfield to face each other in the Championship Game. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we were way off on one and just one game off on the other. So, here we are in the middle of Championship Week and the two teams involved are Team Monteiro and Team Tanqueco. One team that was contender at the beginning of the season—the other a pretender. (or so we thought) Two unique paths to the “last turn,” in which only one can be crowned “Champion.” One team started 3-0, while the other team started 1-1. One team finished the season 1-1, while the other team finished 0-2. One team thrived on gritty wins, while the other team rained 3’s en route to two blow out victories.

Some of the constants between these two teams is the fact that they both were affected by the 2 week CL. They both had a big man in the running for Top Rebounder. They both needed 2nd half surges to win their semifinal game. These two teams have many differences; but at the same time, they have just as many similarities. They both want to win. They both want to climb the mountain and reach the goal and that goal is to be cemented permanently in GSBC basketball lore!

One would look at the matchup on paper and laugh at the landslide-like advantage that Team Tanqueco has on Team Monteiro. The amount of firepower that Team Tan has is just staggering. The three point shooting, the possibility of Patrick Seamster scoring, the ability to turn-on their defense whenever they need it—Team Tan is definitely the favorites! On the other hand, Team Mon has the pieces but they do not have the board. What I mean is this: Team Monteiro has the players needed to win on Sunday night, but those players will all be playing on different game boards. Team Tan has chemistry, fluency, team work. Team Mon is still trying to figure each other out.

I get it, every one comes from different walks of life. Different playing styles, different coaches, different mentalities, different game speeds, different basketball techniques, different game plans. The problem is when these differences cannot be worked out. So far, Team Mon have been able to escape with wins and get to this point in their season. Team Tan lost 3 games; but half their team didn’t see fit to help their captain out by staying off the 2 Week CL. Had those players not been on the 2 Week CL, Team Tan would have finished 5-1 and entered the playoffs as the #1 seed. Their chemistry is undeniable. Their hard work is not by-passable.

When I look at Team Tanqueco, I see a group of guys who all have a chip on their shoulder (a legitimate chip) with an attitude of proving everyone wrong. This is bad news for Team Monteiro. There is not much that ANY team can do to stop a train with a purpose. When the brakes have been removed, and boy were they removed a long time ago, there is no stopping!

When I look at Team Monteiro, I see a captain who is nervous to take over the game. I see a little bit of fear in his gameplay. He has the tools to be the best on the court, but I don’t think he has taken the tools out of the box yet. There is not enough desire to win on this team. They have the talent. They have the basketball minds. They have the stage to win—just not enough desire. Oh, I didn’t say they didn’t have “any” desire. I just said that they do not have enough. For if a group of college aged men would come together as one with ONE cause, something amazing could be accomplished!


How will Team Tanqueco win?

  1. Play fast

There is no stopping this team once they get out and run. Yes, they will turn the ball over probably a lot; but they have done that all season and look where they are RIGHT NOW! If they get out in the open court like they have done every game this season, this team will march right onto the court of the GSBC Gymnasium and make it THEIRS.

2. Shoot the 3

This team is disgustingly good from beyond the arc. It is amazing how “bad” they played from beyond the arc in the semifinal game against Team Keeton. 6 for 29 would be acceptable for any other team in the league; but for Team Tan it is absolutely unacceptable. Their high-level of three point shooting begins with their ability to use the corners. Matt Colasanti thrives in the corner.

3. Mix it up a little

Patrick Seamster has really not had to do much in terms of offense. This doesn’t come at quite a shock as Team Tanqueco scored over 50% of their points from beyond the arc. Patrick scored most of his points from the charity stripe and while Team Tanqueco shouldn’t have to rely on the free throws, it would behoove them to try and get the ball to Patrick occasionally to mix it up.


How will Team Monteiro win? (Is it even possible?)

  1. Stop shooting the three like the Golden State Warriors. 

This team has shown us all season long that they canNOT shoot the three consistently enough to attempt 20 a game. In their semifinal match against Team Burcham, they shot 4 for 21! 19% from beyond the arc will NOT beat Team Tanqueco on Sunday night. They need to drive IN when they get an open look and take the easier shot instead of throwing up a prayer hoping it will get answered.

2. Use their big men

Team Mon has two guys that are fairly decent in size. Trent Bailey is tall and Jon Keeton is tall and big. If they can figure out a way to use both of those guys IN THE PAINT, they might have a chance. I see some high pick and rolls, post play, heavy contact, drawing fouls in attempt to steal a win. With Patrick guarding Trent and Aaron Lopez guarding Jon, I like Team Monteiro’s chances at winning those battles down low more times than not.

3. Play slow

If there is one thing that Team Mon can do to increase their chances at winning, it would be to take the air out of the ball. Play slow! Play boring! Make the fans boo. If they really want to win the game, they will definitely try to slow their offensive sets. Work the ball around for 20 seconds. Three man weave it, pass and cut, baseline runner, pick-and-roll—if they try to play at the pace of Team Tanqueco, HA! In the words of a famous basketball player after a monster dunk in a dunk contest, “It’s over!”

-Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network


Sunday night will be all about the pageantry. It will be about the glitz, the glamour. The GSBC Gymnasium will be full. The hype music will be playing. The President will be in the house! The Vice-President MIGHT be in the house. There will be dramatic Starting Lineup Introductions with the lights off and a spotlight shining all around the gymnasium. The National Anthem. A world-wide audience.

On the surface without looking at the teams, the game is already HUGE! Look under the surface and you see two teams that earned the right to play on the Grandest Stage of them All, the Showcase of the Immortals, the Grand Finale, the Swan Song, Center Stage, the Holy Grail of GSBC! This is Championship Week and Sunday night is the culmination of a 3 month build! The 2018 Golden State Basketball League Championship Final!!

The opening tip time is set for 10PM, but the 2018 GSVL Championship Game will most likely run past 10PM so the basketball game will start 10 minutes upon the conclusion of the volleyball game! Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway will have the call LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page.