The 2018 GSBL brought many ups and downs including comeback victories, 5-star individual performances and an unlikely rise to power from the preseason ranked #6 team overall! The semifinals set it up two incredible matchups including a rematch from Week 9 between Team Keeton and Team Tanqueco.

Let’s take a look at how it went down:


  • #2 Team Monteiro vs #3 Team Burcham (Team Monteiro wins 39-31 to advance to the Championship Final)
    • This game started out slow and sloppy with turnovers and long pauses in the gameplay. These long pauses were caused by two different injuries. Team Captain Sam Burcham injured his shoulder on a dribble-drive while Jon Keeton broke his nose in a very brutal fashion. Due to the broken nose, there was quite a bit of Keeton’s blood left on the court which caused another delay in the gameplay. For Team Monteiro, they did not start to find their game until the 2nd half when Anthony Moreno came in and dropped all 5 of his point! His spark motivated the Team Captain, Tim Monteiro, to drop 7 while Jon Keeton complimented with 6 points in the 2nd half. The downside to Team Monteiro’s performance was there horrendous 20% shooting from the field. Next Sunday night, Team Monteiro will have to shoot AT LEAST 40% from the field to have a chance against the potent offense of Team Tanqueco. On the plus side, Trent Bailey dropped 10 points and grabbed 20 rebounds for his 3rd double-double of the season! Ricky Friedly showed a lot of signs of rust as he shot 0/7 while DJ Chitty shot 0/4. Both of those players will NEED to make their shots next week IF they are going to win the Championship!
    • Team Burcham just didn’t show up. A lot of people are trying to make the argument that they didn’t get very many calls; but come on, a little over 16% from the field??? Seriously?! There is no excuses. They just played terrible! It honestly is really sad because Team Burcham played a fantastic second half of the season with a 3-1 record to finish at an even 3-3. Team Captain Sam Burcham nearly dropped half of his team’s points with 15 while Nate Patton and Miguel Gomez were basically invisible with 2 points each. Team Burcham can hold their heads high after an impressive finish to the season; but there is NO REASON to blame the refs for their team’s poor performance. They can be proud in the fact that they did not give up, that they did not throw in the towel and that they fought hard all the way until the last whistle!


  • #1 Team Keeton vs #4 Team Tanqueco (Team Tanqueco upsets Team Keeton 39-35 to advance to the Championship Final)
    • Team Tanqueco had a monster chip on their shoulder after the preseason B+ rating and 6th place preseason ranking. I totally understand the animosity towards the Board of Directors and myself. I get it. Y’all were skipped over and stepped on with the preseason rankings. Nobody gave you a chance. Nobody thought you could do it. Your mantra of “hard work” is what truly got you to this point! After a 15 minute delay to the start of the game, Team Tanqueco found themselves down by 1 point at the half after some inconsistent shooting from beyond the arc. However, the 2nd half was a different story! Nate Webb popped off for 8 points while Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco added the same number of 8 with Matt Colasanti and Patrick Seamster combining for that same number of 8. Four players changed the way the game was played as Team Tanqueco dropped 24 of their 39 in the 2nd half to beat the #1 seed Team Keeton!! Team Tanqueco will play the #2 seed Team Monteiro next Sunday night at 10PM for the Championship! Team Tanqueco will be heavy favorites as they have already beaten Team Monteiro by 20+ and 10+ in the previous two encounters!
    • Team Keeton had everything going for them after an extremely emotional victory over Team Tanqueco in Week 9! However, it was a different story in the semifinals as Team Keeton struggled to even attempt shots! A season low 43 attempts for Team Keeton as the Team Tanqueco defense was as stifling as ever! While Team Captain Brad Keeton did drop 20 points on 7/15 shooting, the rest of his team really struggled to get anything going consistently. Nathan Shook built a building of bricks as he shot 0/10. Adam Roepke, Yong Kim and Ari Hernandez combined to shoot 0/7 with 1 point! Perhaps the delay was the problem? Perhaps the emotion of winning from the previous week was the problem? Perhaps the foul problems were the problem? Team Tanqueco was just simply the better team! Brad played in his final game last night and will go down as a GSBL Top 20 player despite his season-ending injury early in last season. My hat is off to him for his explosive offense and never quit attitude.


I look ahead to next week’s Championship Final and all I can say is—expect a blow out, but hope for a close game! Team Tanqueco has already pounded Team Monteiro in both of their previous encounters and they will go for the sweep in the game that matters the most this Sunday night! We will have the full play by play coverage beginning at 10PM. (10 minutes after the 2018 GSVL Championship Game concludes)