After an entire season of Grade A basketball, the 2018 GSBL turns the corner and begins the mad dash sprint down the home stretch! With the semifinals slated for this Sunday night, we look ahead to what promises a very entertaining night of basketball in the GSBC Gymnasium!


  • #2 Team Monteiro (4-2) vs #3 Team Burcham (3-3) 8:30PM
    • We have to go all the way back to Week 1 to see the first and only matchup that these teams had with one another. Team Monteiro defeated Team Burcham 49-46 in what was a very entertaining game of basketball to start the season! Due to the hot shooting of Timmy Deharo, Team Burcham was up by 7 at the half and looked like they were going to run away with it. However, Team Captain Tim Monteiro and Trent Bailey put on a show in the 2nd half and helped their team escape with a narrow three point victory. Looking ahead to this Sunday night, Team Monteiro will need to try their best to stay out of foul trouble. Team Captain Sam Burcham will draw fouls all night long and if Team Monteiro gets deep into foul problems, they will be forced to go to their bench early. The captain will be back in the lineup for the semifinals after being on the 2 Week CL for the last two games of the season, but he needs to carefully consider keeping his starting five in tact. DJ Chitty and Trent Bailey worked wonders down the stretch in the season and should be looked at as a perfect dual threat going into the playoffs. Team Monteiro will also get Ricky Friedly back after being on the 2 Week CL as well. His defensive presence will help keep Timmy Deharo from getting too many clean looks from the beyond the arc. The key for Team Monteiro will be to stay out of foul trouble and limit the number of open looks that Team Burcham get from beyond the arc. Team Burcham shot 7/30 from beyond the arc in their last two games of the season and that was much in part to the limited number of open looks that they received from opposing defenses! The key player for Team Monteiro will be Jon Keeton. If Jon can’t find a consistent rhythm during the course of the game, Team Monteiro will be sitting in the bleachers come April 30th! Last week, a Keeton came through in the clutch. This Sunday night, can another Keeton come through?
    • This is about destiny for Team Burcham. They had no business being in this position; and frankly, they didn’t really deserve it. However, Team Captain Sam Burcham found a way to put this team together when it mattered most and a horrid 0-2 start turned into a superb 3-3 regular season with a #3 seed to boot! Team Burcham is truly playing with house money! There is no reason for this team to feel pressured or nervous at all! They need to go out there on Sunday night and have some fun! For Team Burcham to win, they WILL need a minor miracle; but this is the team that has already defied the odds time and time again! How will they win? Nate Patton and Miguel Gomez. Two of your “nuts and bolts” role players that NEED to have perfect games. Gomez has been quite non-existent since his insane floater over Trent Bailey in Week 1 that brought the GSBC Gymnasium crowd to their feet, so it is safe to say that he is WAAYY over due! Nate Patton has played his best season in the GSBL to date and we can only expect that this excellent play will continue this Sunday night. Patton seems quicker on his feet and quicker on the boards. If he can generate another double/double, we would say that Team Burcham SHOULD be in a good place to win.
    • Team Monteiro will have their complete team back for the FIRST time since Week 5. This could mean that some rust will be seen…there will be some rust! Team Burcham is on a roll and deserves some credit for their late season success. However, this Team Monteiro squad has weapons everywhere including Trent Bailey in the paint, Jon Keeton on the wing, Tim Monteiro at the point, Ricky Friedly on defense and DJ Chitty as a scrappy-clean-up-the-mess-type-of-guy! We are picking Team Monteiro, but we should see a great fight from Team Burcham right down to the end! Team Monteiro -4


  • #1 Team Keeton (5-1) vs #4 Team Tanqueco (3-3) 9:30PM
    • A matchup that was made in Heaven for the last week of the regular season, is now our prime time game in the semifinals! We stood back and watched two teams trade blows like world heavyweights. The world gazed on in wonder as Matt Colasanti dropped 21 points in the 1st half only to see Brad Keeton drop 27 on the game to lead his team back for an 8 point victory to clinch the #1 seed. Team Keeton was playing with a full squad for the first time since Week 4 and it was evident by the amount of rust shown in the 1st half. After falling behind by as many as 14 with seven minutes to play in the opening frame, Team Captain Brad Keeton rallied his troops to cut the deficit down to 8 at the half. From there, you could just smell a “Keeton Comeback” was upon us! A monster throw down dunk with Nate Webb trailing behind, was just one of the incredible plays that Keeton made to help his team get the victory! For Team Keeton to win this Sunday night, they will need to do everything they can to duplicate the 2nd half and copy it over to their 1st half game plan! They cannot have a brain lapse in the 1st half this Sunday night if they are going to win! They need to play two FULL halves to beat this Team Tanqueco squad. Nathan Shook has got to figure out how to make his 1st and 2nd shot to get on a roll early. Ari Hernandez needs to get back to getting in close and nailing that soft turnaround jumper that he was making early in the season. Kevin Baker needs to stop shooting 3’s and just play his game inside as a glass cleaner and facilitator. Those three guys will be the key to unlocking a Championship Final appearance on April 30th!
    • Team Tanqueco will be getting back Aaron Lopez and Omar Limon for the first time since Week 4! On top of that, Team Tanqueco will have all but one player in the lineup this Sunday night! We witnessed the same thing every one else did! Matt Colasanti was on fire. He literally was smoking. When Coli received a behind the back pass from Patrick Seamster on a fast break midway through the 1st half, he took a step and nailed his 4th three pointer of the half! In the end, he would make six three pointers and finish with 26 points on the game! With Colasanti and Nate Webb so fast and so quick on their feet, Team Tanqueco is poised to win this Sunday night. Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco has gotten better as the season has progressed and his leadership and experience is what will give Team Tanqueco a fighting chance in the epic semifinal game that is set for this Sunday night. However, the game will come down to one man: Patrick Seamster. In the early part of the season, Patrick struggled to score; but his rebounding was 2nd to none. As the season progressed, his scoring improved and his rebounding leveled out. Last week, he was non-existent on the offensive side and just barely cracked double digit rebounds with 12. For Team Tanqueco to beat Team Keeton, they need to get Seamster going on some isolation plays in the post. He should NOT be bringing the ball up the court. Webber, Tanqueco and Colasanti NEED to bring the ball up. When Seamster brings the ball up the court, the offense is very stagnant and slow paced. He has shown us time and time again that he cannot finish his fast break layups. BUT we all know that he can score if given the right surroundings. Give him the ball in the paint. Let him be a big man and let him work like a big man.
    • Team Keeton has the smartest basketball player in the league. They also have the best offensive center in the league. Team Tanqueco has the hottest scorer in the league. They also have the 2018 GSBL Defensive Player of the Year. This game is going to be so good. So competitive. So exciting. The emotion will be VERY real from the opening tip to the final buzzer! Who will stand tall and claim the 2nd semifinal spot? We are not sure. We are the line out on this game and hope for the best that we have a high-flying overtime thriller to set up the GREATEST GSBL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in the history of Golden State Baptist College!!


The 2018 GSBL Semifinals will begin at 8:25PM this Sunday night as Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway will have the full play by play action LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page!!