As many GSBC BR fans already know, we posted the Sadie’s couples last year as a blog post. That particular post generated more than 2,500+ views. We have decided to do the exact same thing and highlight the couples attending the Sadie Hawkins activity this coming Saturday, April 14th. So far, we have 27 couples signed up. Last year, we signed up 45 couples!

  • Anna Morgan asked out Josh Chitty
  • Charlene Ilan asked out Jerrel Viray
  • Lauren Gibson asked out Christopher Luna
  • Shay Emerson asked out Tito Fuentes
  • Alyssa Phillips asked out Patrick Seamster
  • Liset Palacios asked at Matt Colasanti
  • Cana-May Howard asked out Trent Hauser
  • Sarah-Marie Puccini asked out David Koehler
  • Lia Sagor asked out Chad Correia
  • Gina Grimsley asked out Luis Elizondo
  • Natalie Galang asked out Keliek Stewart
  • Bianka Altamirano asked out Jonathan Popovici
  • Kaitlyn Wiggins asked out Jake Boyer
  • Tashina Alvarez asked out Spencer Jones
  • Norma Uribe asked out Yong Kim
  • Megumi Wright asked out Nathan Sears
  • Aundria Tanuyan asked out Tyler Mackay
  • Bethany Brown asked out DJ Chitty
  • Judy Carlos asked out Caleb Baltazar
  • Amanda Brown asked out Jacob Brown
  • Ruth Cruz asked out Todd Herbert II
  • Lizeth Salinas asked out Steven Spillman
  • Kayla Keeton asked out Michael Russell
  • Kimmy Keefer asked out Ethan McCurry
  • Sophie Sagor asked out Jonathan Keeton
  • Marissa Shiflet asked out Nate Patton
  • Rachel Legere asked out Nate Post

We will update the list when we receive more information. Sadie Hawkins is THIS Saturday, April 14th. With two days remaining, we are sure to sign up many last minute participants!