What an incredible year it has been in the 2018 Golden State Basketball League! While every team does make the playoffs, the playoff seeding are still up in the air. Now, it comes down to the final week of the season! Moving Day in the 2018 GSBL will pit the #1 Team Keeton against the #3 Team Tanqueco while the #5 Team Mayfield will take on the #6 Team Mackay!

Let’s take a look at what is on the line in the final week of the regular season:


  • #1 Team Keeton (4-1) vs #3 Team Tanqueco (3-2) 8:30PM 
    • As of now this game is at 8:30PM, but a petition is being made to get the team captains in the 2nd game to agree to switch their time slots so Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco will have an opportunity to play. We are ALSO hoping that the games get to be switched as we want ALL the stars to be in the lineup for what promises to be the NEW “Game of the Season.”
    • Team Tanqueco finds themselves in a VERY precarious position. With a win, they clinch the #1 seed and win a Quarterfinal Round BYE for next week, the 22nd. With a loss, Team Tanqueco will drop to #4 and be forced to play the winner of the 9:30 game in the #4/#5 game next Sunday night. Wow. A lot is definitely on the line for the most entertaining team in the 2018 GSBL! Team Tanqueco touts the highest scoring offense and the most explosive three point shooting team! Fresh off a 15/34 shooting performance against the previously #1 seed, Team Monteiro; Team Tanqueco turns their sights to one of the most polished teams in our league. Both Kevin Baker and Team Captain Brad Keeton will be back from the 2 week CL and BOTH of those players are expected to produce in an incredible manner! For Team Tanqueco, they will most likely be the team up against the wall for the first time this season. They will be ones that need to keep up and stay in the fight. Can they do it? Absolutely. This team has proven to everyone time and time again that they deserve their seed and they deserve a lot of credit for their performance. Granted, they have only beat two of the five team. Twice against Team Monteiro and once against Team Mayfield. Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco shot the ball better than anyone since Tim Fredericks in the 2016 GSBL! 8/12 from beyond the arc and eventually a 30 point performance that helped his team get a massive victory over Team Monteiro. However, Team Tanqueco is so much more than just Dexter. This team has Nate Webb who was just 2 assists shy of a triple double. Matt Colasanti, back from the 2 week CL, dropped 14 points. Patrick Seamster had double digit rebounds yet again which brings his total to 78 on the season. He will need 13 more rebounds to tie Trent Bailey and 14 to pass him for 92! Definitely possible. If Team Tanqueco is going win this Sunday night, they will have to figure out a way to shut down the role players of Team Keeton. Brad will score. No doubt about it. However, if Team Tanqueco can get Adam Roepke, Kevin Baker and Stephen Roueche off their game early…they might have a chance to squeak out a victory!
    • Team Keeton finds themselves in a precarious position as well. They will enter the game #1 in the league, but could fall to #3 wit ha loss. With Team Captain Brad Keeton and Kevin Baker back in the lineup, it makes Team Keeton instant favorites to win the 2018 GSBL Championship yet again. In Week 8, Brad was sitting on the bench of Team Monteiro where he witnessed the subsequent beat down that Team Tanqueco put on Team Monteiro from beyond the arc. Team Tanqueco will not make 15 three pointers in Week 9. In fact, they probably won’t even make 10. That is a surefire guarantee. Keeton has a game plan. He always does. We’ll go a step further and say that Brad is probably the smartest basketball player in the 2018 GSBL. Last year, he would have been considered the 2nd smartest right behind The Professor, Sam Slattery. The biggest question going into their Week 9 matchup is, “What defensive set will Team Keeton come out in?” Will they play a man? Will they a 2-3 zone? How about a 3-2 zone? Last week, the 2-3 zone was demolished by Team Tanqueco in a shooting exhibition. We think it is a safe bet that Team Keeton will NOT be playing a 2-3 zone defensive set! Another aspect to consider is Nathan Shook. In the last two weeks, he has produced a lot of points but with taking a lot of shots. This week, he will not have the opportunity to shoot as much so it will be VERY important for him to take advantage of the shots that he will get! We are also looking for Kevin Baker to have a double digit point performance en route to helping his team get the victory.
    • Team Tanqueco has an incredible amount of momentum and with the possibility of being WITHOUT their team captain, it will make their bid for the #1 seed very difficult to accomplish. Team Keeton gets their team captain and top 3 player back in the lineup for the pivotal Week 9 matchup. We have no choice but to pick the more experienced, more polished team in Team Keeton; but we expect a fight right until the finish in what promises to be a VERY entertaining matchup!! Team Keeton -3 


  • #5 Team Mayfield (1-4) vs #6 Team Mackay (1-4) 9:30PM
    • Team Mayfield has had the last two weeks off and will get back most of their players that WERE on the 2 week CL the last time these two teams played. Team Captain Mac Mayfield is expected to drop 20+ points while Aarion Johnson and Norman Cook will have equally efficient performances on the offensive side. With the #5 seed on the line and the possibility of playing either Team Tanqueco, Team Burcham or Team Keeton in the Quarterfinal Round—expect the level of effort to be VERY high. Team Mayfield will be VERY fresh and should be flying high off their 1st win of the season in Week 6. Mark Alejo will still be on the 2 week CL, but that should not affect the overall performance from Team Mayfield. They still have two of the fastest guards in the league in Cook and Johnson. Look for David Koehler to make an impact off the bench and Jonathan Popovici should be able to build off his last performance as well! From a defensive stand point, they will need to be very wary of Carl Baltazar’s three point shooting. In Week 6, Caleb Turner and Jonathan Popovici took turns hounding him and he only dropped ONE three point field goal all game. This week, Team Mayfield will NEED to duplicate that defensive performance in an attempt to keep Baltazar from getting hot.
    • Team Mackay has become the worst team in the league over their last 3 games played. It is really quite shocking with the amount of fire power on their roster, but it’s surprising. Their team, like Team Tanqueco, is made up primarily of guards. Like Team Tanqueco, they have one big guy in Jeremiah Lendt. However, UNLIKE Team Tanqueco, they have not developed MULTIPLE threats. Jon Donley and Jeremiah Lendt have not been able to find their rhythm all season long and Tyler Mackay has gone ICE COLD over the last two games played. Even Carl Baltazar has been inconsistent and with the way that his season has gone, he should have a BAD week of shooting once again this Sunday night. The ONE constant factor for Team Mackay has been Tyler Pettis. Unfortunately for him, he has a problem with getting into foul trouble. If Team Mackay can keep Pettis out of foul trouble, TP should be able to put up double digit points and rebounds for the first time this season! Role players like Josiah Goddard and Ben Otovo will be needed in a very desperate way to generate points and force turnovers!
    • Ultimately, this game does not have as big of an impact as we are building it. BUT, it will still be a VERY entertaining game with a playoff seed on the line! Team Mackay will need their team captain and role players to heat back while Team Mayfield will need their two guards to be fast and furious and FINISH at the rim when they drive! We are picking Team Mayfield to win, but only because they won in Week 6 and have had 2 weeks off to rest and prepare for the regular season finale! Team Mayfield -4.5


The final week of the 2018 GSBL regular season promises to be very entertaining with a lot still to play for among the four teams represented! Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway will have the call LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page beginning at 8:25PM this Sunday night, April 15th!