The 2018 GSBL regular season has been filled with many ups and downs. Consider this. Week 1 featured two games both decided by 3 points. Week 2 displayed an incredible 20 point comeback! Week 3 produced a 14 point comeback with a three pointer in final seconds to win the game! The next 3 weeks were basically duds that filled the time slots while Week 7 gave us hope that the end of the season MIGHT be able to top the beginning of the season. Lets take a look at what Week 8 is looking like so far:


  • #5 Team Mackay (1-3) vs #4 Team Burcham (2-3) 8:30 PM
    • In an intriguing battle to determine who will get (at the minimum) the #4 spot heading into the playoffs, Team Mackay finds themselves in a very make or break situation. This Sunday night, Team Mackay will face a team that is red hot (no pun intended considering their jersey colors) with a captain who has been on a roll over the last 3 games played. Team Captain Tyler Mackay has his work cut out for him in trying to slow Sam Burcham down, but I think Tyler’s biggest problem is getting his team to start playing consistent. He NEEDS Jon Donley and Carl Baltazar to start producing consistently. The only thing consistent about both of those guys right now is their terrible shooting percentages. Mackay needs to get the ball in Baltazar and Donley’s hands early and allow them to try and get into a rhythm at the start of the game. Team Burcham will still be without Timmy Deharo, their best three point shooter, and while Alex Burks will be returning to the lineup, Team Burcham does not have the depth to play a run and gun style against a good shooting team. If Air Canada can work the outside early and THEN get the ball inside to Jeremiah Lendt for some touches, Team Mackay should have no problem getting a win. Tyler Pettis is quietly putting together one of the most consistent freshman year seasons that I’ve ever seen. He really hasn’t played a bad game and when his team has struggled, he picks up the slack. Again, Team Mackay needs exercise wisdom in their shot selections seeings how they do not get very many second chance points. But at the same time, the green light needs to be flipped ON for Carl Baltazar and Jon Donley in the first 5 to 7 minutes. Get them going and we should see a Team Mackay win.
    • An incredible story of “turning a season around,” is what the driving force is for Team Burcham right now. A win on Sunday night would guarantee them the #4 seed for sure and even give them a legitimate chance at nabbing the #3 seed if Team Tanqueco were to lose their last two games. There is so much to play for if you are Team Burcham. There is ZERO reason why this would be a let down week for this team. They are getting back Alex Burks which only really gives them an extra body with the hope of a three pointer; but nonetheless, they are going to need Burks more than anybody would realize. Team Mackay is expected to play a very fast-paced game and having an extra body will make a HUGE difference! Miguel Gomez and Jonathan Reimers will NEED to score on Sunday night. No questions asked. 10 points combined against Team Tanqueco is acceptable only because half of Team Tanqueco was on the 2 week CL. However, Team Mackay will most likely drop 50 points and Team Captain Sam Burcham can’t be expected to drop 35 of those! Gomez has shot the ball horribly, but his inside game has been his strong suit. If he can pick up some scrappy baskets or “dirty” baskets as we like to call them, it would definitely go along way in helping his team get a win. Reimers’ shooting percentage has been stinkier than a three week old Big Mac from McDonald’s. Now after slamming his shooting percentage, we are quick to say that without Jon Reimers, Team Burcham probably wouldn’t ave two wins in the W column. He has a basketball mind and is a very good presence on the defensive end. However, Reimers MUST make his shots Sunday night if Team Burcham is to get that all-important 3rd win of the season! Matthew Wallace has increased his season high for points in a game the last two weeks, but don’t expect him to get 10 this Sunday night. Team Mackay has taken notice of his hot shooting and the defense is sure to be ready for his offense.
    • Team Mackay will play fast and try to get out to an early lead. If Team Burcham can hang with them and keep it below 7 at the half, they should have a realistic chance at winning the game. However, we cannot resist picking Team Mackay to win as it would be very un-Tyler Mackay like to drop a 3rd straight game.  Team Mackay -4


  • #3 Team Tanqueco (2-2) vs #1 Team Monteiro (4-1) 9:30 PM
    • It really is a shame that Team Tanqueco is in a position to potentially finish the season on a 3 game losing streak. This is not the captain’s fault or ANY of the player’s faults who have played or will be playing over the last two games. It rests solely upon the players who have been involved in the 2 week CL last week, this week and the players that will still be on it next week in the season finale against Team Keeton. While Matt Colasanti and Alejandro Lizardi are expected to be returning to the lineup this Sunday night, they will only give Team Tanqueco 2 subs to use in relief and Lizardi has yet to have much of an impact on the season. Now, every Team Tanqueco fan will say, “Team Monteiro is short-staffed as well!” We know. They will also say, “We almost beat Team Burcham last week!” We also know that. The part that every Team Tanqueco fan forgets is that Team Burcham entered last week with the same amount of players that Team Tanqueco had AND their record was worse at 1-3. Don’t get us wrong, Team Tanqueco has definitely missed Matt Colasanti; but without Aaron Lopez and Omar Limon, Team Tanqueco just isn’t the same. On the other side of the coin, Team Tanqueco did put a FIERY beat down on Team Monteiro last time around and that was with a FULL Team Monteiro lineup! Nate Webb needs to take more shots early in the game. The same goes for Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco. Fast buckets are what makes this team so good. But when they slow the ball and work their “offense,” they usually turn the ball over or take an ill-advised shot. Swing the ball, find Webber and Coli—get your gunners going early and often! Team Tanqueco has EVERYTHING to play for as back to back wins will seal #1 going into the playoffs! By the way, Patrick Seamster greatly improved his game against Team Burcham as he registered his first double double of the season! While he chases Trent Bailey for #1 in rebounds, we greatly look forward to seeing that battle play out in front of our eyes this Sunday night!
    • DJ Chitty turned back the clock and went back to a familiar time in Waterflow, NM. Back in his heyday, Chitty was a regular baller in the schools of New Mexico! His aggressive, lay-your-body-on-the-line style creates offense and gives you a freaky advantage on the defensive side. Last week, Chitty showed us that he has definitely still got it WHEN put into a position of dependence. His team depended on him last week and he did NOT let them down. Trent Bailey had one of the best games of any player this season with a 13 and 21 stat line. If he can keep Patrick Seamster in check while cleaning up the boards, Team Monteiro should keep the points in the paint to a bare minimal. Pablo Cuevas is the ONLY player returning to the lineup for Team Monteiro, but his ability to hit a three pointer will give Team Timmy an extra threat that they did not have last week. Jon Keeton NEEDS to be on his game this Sunday night. We cannot stress it enough. With the gunners of Team Tanqueco most likely making AT LEAST 40% of their three pointers, Keeton will need to make 4 or 5 himself just to give his team a chance to keep up! One of the keys to the game for Team Monteiro will be that they need to get someone on Team Tanqueco in foul trouble in the 1st half. If they can get Patrick or Matt in hot water early, they will buy themselves some time to either fight back in the game or get ahead.
    • Team Tanqueco will be playing fast and furious with the return of Matt Colasanti. Team Monteiro will need to be careful to not use up all their energy in the 1st half. We cannot help but pick Team Tanqueco for the upset as their 2nd best scorer returns to the lineup. Team Tanqueco -3