With 2 weeks remaining and two of the six teams to still play 2 more games, we have opened up the debate that will be talked about repeatedly until the end of the regular season: who deserves the 2018 GSBL MVP?

Many people claim that the MVP award should go to the Overall Best Player in the league. While this may be a common thought, it is highly inaccurate. MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. Valuable. The definition of the word “valuable” when used as an adjective is: worth a lot of money, very helpful or useful, important and limited in amount. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “Most Valuable Player” means: the player who contributes the most to his or her team’s success.

One could simply say, “The player who deserves the MVP award should be the player who personally causes his team to win or makes his teammates better to help the team get a win.” Many times, people get Most Valuable Player and Most Outstanding Player confused and misconstrued with each other. Most Outstanding Player is the BEST player in the league. It does not matter if you were selfish with the ball or if you team lost every game. If you were the best player, you deserve the MOP. However, the MVP should go to the player who best helps his team and teammates succeed.

This is our Week 7 MVP Race which also happens to be our FIRST look at who believe should be the MVP of the 2018 Golden State Basketball League. We will list them in the order that we would select them as of now:


1. Sam Burcham

  • Although his season started very rough in which he generated 16 turnovers to go alongside 22 points and 16 rebounds, Burcham has turned his season around in a very powerful way! After gaining the captaincy role, Team Captain Sam Burcham has pulled up his boot straps and led his team to a 2-1 record over the past 3 games played. In the last 3 games played, he has only generated 14 turnovers to go alongside 46 points and 30 rebounds. He has also dished the ball very well for a total of 15 assists and 10 in the last three games. The MVP is his to lose as his team is on the verge of one of the best turnarounds in recent memory. Team Burcham will have a chance to clinch at least the #4 seed with a win against Team Mackay!

2. Brad Keeton

  • A big reason why guys like Kevin Baker, Nathan Shook and Adam Roepke have had such great seasons is due in part to the leadership of Team Captain Brad Keeton. One of the greatest basketball minds of this era built his team in a way where every player would have an impact. Before being placed on the 2 week CL, Keeton led the league in points and total field goals made while also dishing out a cool 13 assists in his 3 games that he played. Honestly, Brad was a lock for MVP; but with his absence due to the 2 week CL, we had no choice but to drop him from his pre-supposed throne.

3. Trent Bailey

  • A big man could get the MVP?? Most definitely. Trent has put together one of the best seasons for a big man in the history of the GSBL. His 30 points are good for a tie for 14th in point scoring while his 74 rebounds are good for #1 in the league. While his counterpart, Patrick Seamster will most likely pass him for most rebounds, Bailey has been a BIG (no pun intended) reason why his team is 4-1 on the season. Timely rebounds and the ability to draw fouls in the lane make him an MVP candidate for sure. Just think, if you removed Bailey from Team Monteiro…yeah, it would not be good!

4. Patrick Seamster

  • Another big man, who has played like a beast on the glass, is in prime position to contend for an MVP trophy. His 40 points, 66 rebounds, 10 blocks, 6 assists and 6 steals are one of the best overall stat lines that you will see all season from any player. His ability to bring the ball up the court as a guard is impeccable seeings how his size would bill him as a center for the GSBL! When Patrick doesn’t play at his best, his team loses. When he plays at his best, his team wins. Simple. He does so much for his team that when his team is struggling, you can’t really tell due to the slack that he is picking up by grabbing lose balls and rebounds!

5. Tyler Mackay

  • While some would debate the “other Tyler” as a possible MVP candidate, those people should step back and look at where Team Mackay and WHY they are in the position that they are in. Team Captain Tyler Mackay has produced just enough glue to keep his team together in the sense of putting up a fight that could potentially generate a win. He leads the league in assists with 19 while he has still managed to drop 45 points on the season good for 8th overall. With two games remaining, he has a chance to rally his troops and salvage a .500 record with back to back wins to finish the season.

6. Mac Mayfield

  • Despite his team being 1-4, they would be 0-5 if he didn’t play the way he has. Yes, any wise GSBL analyst or fan could easily see that Mayfield has experienced somewhat of a talent drop off from last season; but those same analysts or fans can easily tell that he is the most valuable to his team. Mac is 1st in points with 69 and tied for 5th in steals with 9. His ability to create shots for himself is something to behold and with a lot of momentum from their Week 6 victory over Team Mackay, expect Mac Daddy Mayfield to put up a strong fight in Week 9 against that same team!


So there you have it! Our thoughts on the MVP Race for the 2018 GSBL! Who do you think deserves the MVP? Comment below and let us know! Also, be sure to tune in to Week 8 in the 2018 GSBL this Sunday night at 8:30PM LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page!!