One of the worst things to happen to the 2018 GSBL has been the 2 week CL. For those wondering why over a quarter of our players have not been playing the last several weeks, it is due to the 2 week CL. Frustratingly enough, it has moved into affecting some of our captains and best players. The lack of players really affects the team’s game plan, the overall viewership and the quality of the basketball being played!

On the flip side, one of the best things to happen to the 2018 GSBL has been the 2 week CL! With many of the top players for every team sidelined for 2 weeks, supporting cast players and bench players have had an incredible opportunity to step up and open some eyes with their game play. It also shows when a team has ZERO subs and the same 5 players play the entire the game. We really see who has the endurance and stamina to put on a show for 40 minutes!

Week 7 was our first look at what happens to a team when they are missing key players. Last week, Team Keeton averted danger and kept their undefeated season alive. Team Burcham didn’t have enough guys to keep up with Team Keeton and Team Mayfield came together in a very defensive way to pull off the upset over Team Mackay. This week, the 2 week CL had a massive impact on the way the games were played:


  • Team Keeton vs Team Monteiro (Team Monteiro wins 46-43 to hand Team Keeton their first loss of the season)
    • Without Team Captain Tim Monteiro, Ricky Friedly and Pablo Cuevas;¬†Team Monteiro pulled off one of the gutsiest performances of the season to put an L on the impressive season of Team Keeton. Trent Bailey led the way with an incredible performance on the glass! 21 rebounds sets a 2018 GSBL single game record and he also added 13 points on the side! DJ Chitty dropped 11 points filling in for Monteiro in the point guard position. Jon Keeton shot 30% from beyond the arc en route to 16 points for the game. However, it was the overwhelming defense on Stephen Roueche that really won the game for Team Monteiro. They held Roueche to 2/18 shooting from the field and really made it difficult for him in the paint all game long. Anthony Moreno had a cool 6 assist game including some beautiful dimes for key baskets! This was a fantastic performance for a team that had ZERO subs and were without 2 of their starters! Team Monteiro has given themselves a legitimate chance at a 1st round BYE as they now hold the tiebreaking advantage on Team Keeton. With a win against Team Tanqueco in Week 8, Team Monteiro will get 2 weeks off to prepare for a semifinal game on April 29th!
    • Team Keeton was in shambles without their captain and Kevin Baker. Last week, they rallied together and pulled off a fantastic victory against Team Burcham. This week, they threw up so many bricks and didn’t have any momentum for the better part of the game. Nathan Shook racked up the 3 point misses as he shot 5/17 from the land beyond. So many possessions where it was dribble to the middle, kick out to Shook and he throws up a prayer hoping it falls. Granted, he made 5 of them; but there was far too many possessions where it was a quick one and done. Stephen Roueche shot the ball horribly as he had his worst night of shooting in his GSBL career. He did have a colossal 6 blocks night that did have the crowd ooo-ing and ah-ing throughout the game! Yong Kim had an intense game as he managed to stir up the Team Monteiro roster with a questionable foul while he hit his first basket of the season! He liked it so much that he dropped another one which gave him 6 points on the night! All in all, this team was taking so many shots and hoping that they could somehow pull out another win; but to no avail. Team Keeton will get a BYE in Week 8 and finish the season in a MASSIVE tilt against Team Tanqueco in Week 9. The winner will get either the #1 seed or the #2 seed and be guaranteed a Quarterfinal Round BYE!


  • Team Burcham vs Team Tanqueco (Team Burcham wins 49-45 over Team Tanqueco)
    • Team Burcham started the season 0-2 and found themselves searching for answers. Team Captain Sam Burcham took over the reins as captain and attempted to change the overall mindset of the team. The change resulted in a victory over the struggling Team Mayfield followed by a loss to the captain-less Team Keeton. Burcham entered Week 7, 4th in overall point scoring; but 1st by a long shot in total turnovers. Facing an infinite amount of criticism for his off and on game play, Sammy led his team to victory through a very beleaguered Team Tanqueco. In fact, Sam¬†flirted with a triple double as he registered 19 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists. While he did shoot an atrocious 25% from the field, he did create space and pick up some easy buckets in transition that put away Team Tanqueco down the stretch. Supporting cast roles featured Nate Patton dropping 14 points in a superb 50% shooting performance! Matthew Wallace upped his single game career high in points to 9 while Jon Reimers and Miguel Gomez combined for 10 points of their own. A dramatic 2-1 response to an 0-2 start has Team Burcham in a position to potentially finish in 3rd, but most definitely in 4th. Team Burcham’s last game will be next week against a very desperate Team Mackay. With a win, they will be guaranteed at least 4th, but still have a chance at taking the #3 spot!
    • Team Tanqueco really shot themselves in the foot in Week 7. However, it wasn’t the captains fault. For that matter, it wasn’t any of the player’s fault who played on Sunday night. It was the four players that found themselves on the 2 week CL that cost this team dearly in Week 7. This is the team that was underappreciated and overly criticized for being small and drafting small early on in the player draft. In Week 7, it was not their performance or size or draft order that sunk them…it was the lack of players! Without Colasanti dropping his 3’s and Limon with his ball handling skills and Lopez with his defense, and Lizardi with his bench relief; Team Tanqueco had a very slim chance in beating Team Burcham. We did see some explosive offense from Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco and Nate Webb followed by Patrick Seamster having a dominating game on the glass and in the points column. Team Tanqueco did not give up despite being down 47-40 with one minute remaining. They actually fired back with 5 unanswered and even had a slight chance to tie the game in the final seconds. At the end of the day, the 2 week CL really hurt Team Tanqueco where it mattered most and now they must look ahead to Week 8 to get some redemption. Despite losing, Team Tanqueco still has a legitimate chance to get the #1 seed! Thanks to Team Keeton losing to Team Monteiro, Team Tanqueco must beat Team Monteiro in Week 8 and then beat Team Keeton in Week 9 to capture the coveted #1 seed going into the playoffs! With a lot to play for and two games left to get it done, expect Team Tanqueco to come out guns-a-blazing with a good rebound performance!


Week 7 was a fantastic week with a lot of exciting moments that kept us on the edge of our seats! Hopefully, many of the players on the 2 week CL will be back in action for Week 8 as the Push to the Playoffs is in full effect! Week 8 will lead off with Team Burcham taking on Team Mackay at 8:30PM followed by Team Tanqueco and Team Monteiro at 9:30PM squaring off in what promises to be a very entertaining game of basketball!! Tune in live on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page this Sunday night, April 8, for Week 8 in the 2018 GSBL!!


-Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network