After a very defensive Week 6 in the 2018 GSBL, our attention is turned to what promises to be a very offensive Week 7!


  • Team Monteiro (3-1) vs Team Keeton (4-0) 8:30PM
    • Team Keeton will play yet another week without their superstars in Team Captain Brad Keeton and Kevin Baker. However, Week 6 proved that Team Keeton can win without their two best players. Stephen Roueche and Ari Hernandez combined for 23 points and 22 rebounds in a 6 point victory over Team Burcham. While Team Burcham isn’t exactly the best team in the league, it definitely showed that Team Keeton does have chemistry beyond their MVP! At the beginning of the season, this game was supposed to be a 4-0 vs 4-0 game, but Team Monteiro was blown out by Team Tanqueco in Week 5. This game was also supposed to be a battle of the most elitist and fastest guards in the league. Instead, Keeton and Monteiro will NOT be in the lineups due to the two week CL! For Team Keeton, they will need to keep feeding Stephen Roueche in the paint. With Trent Bailey down low, a battle will definitely be on our hands with two of the tallest guys in the league! If Hernandez can work his magic yet again and Nathan Shook can hit a couple three’s, Team Keeton should be able to pull out a win and improve to 5-0.
    • Team Monteiro will be without their captain; Tim Monteiro, one of their best defenders; Ricky Friedly, and a guy who can occasionally knock a triple down, Pablo Cuevas. They will have 1 sub, but that is if Jake Brown shows up to play this week. There really isn’t much hope for Team Monteiro unless the Chitty Boys take over and show us some of that New Mexico magic! Trent Bailey will probably get a lot of rebounds; but will he be able to finish his lay ups? That will be key for Team Monteiro this week!
    • Without 3 of their better players, Team Monteiro will be treading in new waters this Sunday night against Team Keeton. On the other side, Team Keeton has already played one game without their stars and they did just fine. We definitely give an edge to Team Keeton over Team Monteiro in the Battle of the Best! Team Keeton -6.5


  • Team Tanqueco (2-1) vs Team Burcham (1-3) 9:30PM 
    • If there is a team with an ugly chip on their shoulders this season, it is DEFINITELY Team Tanqueco. Right from the draft when Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco selected Nate Webb overall, drawing A LOT of criticism from every one including our own Caleb Turner, you could smell the chip cooking in the fires of this team. Hey, when you got a team that is young and small and without “big name GSBLers,” you are going to draw a lot of criticism! However, this team has silenced the critics and taken flight on their own journey to the “GSBL moon.” Guys like Nate Webb and Matt Colasanti have made Team Tanqueco one of the most exciting teams to watch this season! Combined they have 79 points on the season. Their fast-paced, run and gun offense have made Team Tanqueco a legitimate threat from beyond the arc. Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco hasn’t really played much this season, but not like he has had to! His team has bought into his set culture for the squad and they have run with it. However, this Sunday night could be interesting when we bring the CL into view. Team Tanqueco will be without Matt Colasanti, Omar Limon, Aaron Lopez and Alejandro Lizardi! This hurts Team Tanqueco desperately! This team already leads the league with 60 turnovers which adds up to 20 a game! Without decent ball handlers in Colasanti and Limon, Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco will NEED to be at the top of his game to control the ball on every possession! Can Team Tanqueco deal with Sam Burcham? Patrick Seamster SHOULD be up to the task…as long as he doesn’t get in foul trouble. On paper, this should be an easy win for Team Tanqueco. However, the two week CL has really hurt Team Tanqueco and with everything on the line this week, Team Tanqueco NEEDS a win!
    • Team Burcham have improved on every week since their Week 1 loss by 3. Despite losing by 6 to Team Keeton in Week 6, TB is in a very good position to upset the #3 seeded Team Tanqueco. Team Captain Sam Burcham has turned into a work horse as he is constantly getting rag dolled in the paint on every drive. If he can get Seamster to rack up the fouls, Burcham should be able to win this game on his own by getting points from the free throw line. If there was ever a time that Team Burcham could use some consistent shooting from Jon Reimers and Miguel Gomez, it would be this Sunday night! Combined, their shooting percentages are atrocious. If they can try to shoot a little better than 25% combined, Team Burcham might have a chance to bring home the W. Matthew Wallace broke through in a big way with 8 points and a lot of hustle that we had yet to see this season! If he can drop a couple more timely buckets this Sunday night, TB might just get a win!
    • With so many players on the two week CL, it makes picking Team Tanqueco to win even harder! Team Burcham have improved every week and should be poised to get a win this Sunday night! Team Burcham -1.5


If Team Keeton wins and Team Tanqueco loses, Team Keeton will clinch the #1 seed for the playoffs. If Team Monteiro wins, they will have the tiebreaking advantage over Team Keeton if the situation arises. If Team Burcham wins, they will also have the tiebreaking advantage over Team Tanqueco if they situation arises. There is a lot on the line in Week 7 of the 2018 GSBL and Caleb Turner will have the full play by play coverage beginning at 8:25PM!!