During my 1 week suspension with the GSBC Bleacher Report, I jumped over to the GSBC Intramural Sports Network to broadcast Week 6 in the 2018 Co-ed Golden State Volleyball League. I was told to expect better action than the 2018 GSBL. Despite this warning, I wasn’t exactly impressed or let down. It was an overall average week.

Once my suspension was served with the GSBC BR, I turned my attention to Week 6 in the 2018 GSBL in which the undefeated Team Keeton would go up against the up and coming Team Burcham. Fresh off a win against the free-falling Team Mayfield, I was expecting Team Burcham to come out and bring the fight to Team Keeton. Especially since Team Captain Brad Keeton AND Kevin Baker were forced to sit out due to the 2 week CL. However, Team Keeton pulled away in the latter portion of the 2nd half much in part to Ari Hernandez and Stephen Roueche! Another game, another win!

Looking ahead to the prime time battle between the aforementioned free-falling Team Mayfield and a fresh Team Mackay. During my 1 week suspension, I approached Team Captain Mac Mayfield for an opportunity to play with his team in the upcoming game. Due to unforeseen events, I was the individual who drafted the 2018 version of Team Mayfield. In the 10th round of the draft, I put myself on the team to fill his last spot. So, my draft rights rested with Team Captain Mac Mayfield. Both Commissioners had to approve of the proposition and upon their approval I was set to play with Team Mayfield. Lacing back up the shoes and putting back on the green pants gave me a refreshed idea of what it is like to play in the GSBL. I think broadcasting caused me to lose some of that appreciation. Despite a fierce battle, Team Mayfield came out on top in the final seconds off a Duke Andrade steal to seal that all-important FIRST WIN of the season!

But let’s look and see how this week really went down…


  • Team Keeton vs Team Burcham (Team Keeton wins 46-40)
    • Without Team Captain Brad Keeton and Kevin Baker in the lineup, I thought for sure that Team Burcham would have it easy. Due to the fact that Keeton and Baker do a lot for Team Keeton, the role players haven’t been forced to be the difference maker or score all the points. Team Captain Brad Keeton has been around to do all of that! However, with the two team leaders gone, it was up to senior student, Ari Hernandez, and the 2017 Freshman Phenom, Stephen Roueche, to pick up the slack! Hernandez may have only scored 5 points, but he added 7 assist and a week high 13 rebounds! Yeah, where did that come from?? Roueche definitely had his best game of the season flirting with a double double at 19 points and 8 rebounds. One of the most efficient players in the 2018 GSBL has been Adam Roepke. He once again shot just under 50% and dropped 8 points and 10 rebounds. Nathan Shook made up for lost time and scored 11 points while Ren Veras contributed with 4 points of his own. All in all, this team looked like they probably could have beat just about every team in the league WITHOUT Keeton and Baker! They played as a team and really stretched the defense of Team Burcham until Roueche had it easy on several of his lay ups and short jump shots. Team Keeton improves to 4-0 and rolls into Week 7 for the big matchup with the #2 seeded Team Monteiro. Disappointingly, Team Captain Brad Keeton and Team Captain Tim Monteiro will not be playing in the game due to a wedding attendance and Kevin Baker will still be out due to the CL. If Team Keeton wins, they will clinch a Quarterfinal Round BYE!
    • Team Captain Sam Burcham has been under fire for the insane amount of turnovers that he has generated on his own. Coming into Week 6, Burcham had registered a league-high 26 turnovers in just 3 games! However, Week 6 was a different story. He only turned the ball over twice and got to the free line a staggering 12 times! He led all scorers in Week 6 with 22 points and did everything he could to keep his team close with Team Keeton. By far his best week, as he left everything on the court to try and get his 2nd straight win. Notable performances include Matthew Wallace who dropped a season high 8 points including two 3 pointers. Miguel Gomez did not score, but he grabbed 8 rebounds and dished out 4 assists in the losing effort. Andrew Ramirez played in his very FIRST GSBL game and impressed by grabbing 7 rebounds of his own. While Team Burcham did lose this game to Team Keeton, they did prove to themselves and the rest of the league that they will not go down easy. While they did fall to 1-3 on the season, they still have two more chances to improve their record to .500! Realistically, they can still finish as high as 3rd place! Next week’s game against Team Tanqueco will be their stiffest challenge to date and it will definitely require a complete team effort all the way around!


  • Team Mayfield vs Team Mackay (Team Mayfield wins 33-32)
    • Rock bottom. That is where Team Mayfield was going into this game. With nothing to lose and only 2 spots to possibly gain, Team Mayfield went into Week 6 just to have fun and maybe pull out a surprising W. While Aarion Johnson, Mark Alejo and Trent Hauser watched the Internet live feed due to the 2 week CL, Team Captain Mac Mayfield put on one of his best performances of the season en route to a classic, gritty, defensive Mac Mayfield-led team victory. It was not pretty. It was not exciting. But it got the job done! Duke Andrade had his best game of the season dropping 4 points and causing a lot of problems in the lane for the Team Mackay guards to drive. David Koehler scored yet again and added 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Jonathan Popovici had his best game of the season while grabbing 6 rebounds of his own complemented nicely with 3 steals! Team Mayfield waits until Week 9 to play their last game of the season which ironically will be against Team Mackay yet again. All Team Mayfield can hope for is a Team Mackay victory over Team Burcham to assist with the tiebreaking scenarios and then to beat Team Mackay in Week 9 to potentially grab the #4 seed going into the playoffs.
    • Team Mackay was not prepared to play against such an incredible defensive performance. Carl Baltazar was held to one 3 pointer. Tyler Mackay had 4 points. Jon Donley had 4 points. On the bright side, Jeremiah Lendt had a mini “break out” game with 5 points and 8 rebounds. By far his best game of season! Tyler Pettis once again stepped up with 10 points and 8 rebounds. He has proved to be a very valuable asset to the already young Team Mackay roster! Team Mackay has to wait a week to play again as they will play Team Burcham in Week 8. With a win against Team Burcham, they would give themselves  a legitimate chance at 3rd place pending the results of Team Tanqueco and Team Burcham in Week 7.


My last thoughts on Week 6 are that it was a very well-played week. I think having so many players on the 2 week CL helped a lot of guys to experience opportunities of  pressure and stardom. The absences forced many players to the starting lineups where they marveled us with their performances! Not only did we have the lowest number of combined turnovers in a week with 38; but we had our lowest overall point differential since Week 1 when the overall point differential was +6!

We are now in the home stretch of the season as there will be basketball EVERY Sunday night from now until April 29th which will highlight the 2018 GSBL Semifinals. Monday, April 30th at 11AM will mark the conclusion of the 2018 GSBL season culminating with the 2018 GSBL Championship Game!! However, looking closer in the future, we turn to Week 7 in the 2018 GSBL! Team Tanqueco will start their home stretch of 3 straight games against Team Burcham in the 8:30 slot. Our prime time game for Week 7 will feature the TWO BEST teams in our league, Team Keeton and Team Monteiro, going head to head to determine who will take home #1 in the league!! Join me on the GSBC Bleacher Report with the full play by play coverage beginning at 8:25PM!