• Overall Record
  • Head to Head Record
  • Overall Point Differential
  • Head to Head Point Differential
  • Overall Points Scored
  • Flip a Coin


1. Team Keeton (4-0)

  • 194 PF 165 PA

2. Team Monteiro (3-1) DNP

  • 154 PF 150 PA

3. Team Tanqueco (2-1) DNP

  • 146 PF 124 PA

4. Team Burcham (1-3)

  • 160 PF 176 PA

5. Team Mackay (1-3)

  • 150 PF 161 PA

6. Team Mayfield (1-4)

  • 195 PF 223 PA



  • Team Burcham is the #4 seed due to the 5th step in the Tie Breaking Procedures (Overall Points Scored). The reason for this is because Team Burcham and Team Mackay have yet to play each other this season.
  • Team Keeton leads the league in Overall Point Differential with +29.
  • Team Mayfield has scored the most points (195), but they have the WORST point differential in the league. (-28)
  • With a win in Week 7, Team Keeton will clinch the #1 OVERALL SEED in the playoffs which would give them a 1st round BYE.
  • Ironically enough, Team Mayfield can still finish as high as #5 in the league. They would need to win their last game of the season in Week 9 and have Team Mackay lose the rest of their games.
  • With a win in Week 7 against Team Burcham, Team Tanqueco would NOT be able to be jumped by Team Burcham OR Team Mayfield in the standings which would guarantee them at LEAST the #4 seed.