The 2018 GSBL enjoyed the rest and relaxation of a BYE week last Sunday night, but now the attention and focus is put solely on Week 6! With the playoffs quickly approaching, it is high time that several teams begin their “Push to April!” Let’s take a look at how the matchups stack up for this Sunday night!


  • #1 Team Keeton (3-0) vs #4 Team Burcham (1-2) 8:30PM
    • After Team Burcham got their first win of the season last time around against Team Mayfield, all of the momentum appears to be riding on them as they head into Week 6 against Team Keeton! And honestly, they have a really good chance at winning! You see, Team Keeton has 2 players on the two week CL. Those two players are none other than Team Captain Brad Keeton and Kevin Baker. This would mean that Team Burcham has an excellent chance of winning, right? Well, Team Burcham has 3 players on the two week CL. Those players are Alex Burks and Timmy Deharo. For Team Burcham, the bulk of their scoring have come from Team Captain Sam Burcham, Timmy Deharo, and Alex Burks. In fact, those three players make up 59 of Team Burcham’s 120 points on the season! Coming off an impressive victory against Team Monteiro means that Team Burcham should have a little bit of momentum running behind them! One area that they will have to be better in is the area of passing the ball. Team Burcham is LAST in the league with 18 total assist on the season. To put that into perspective, Tyler Mackay has 16 assists all by himself! A good thing for Team Burcham is that they are 5th in the league in total turnovers with 43. Keys to victory for Team Burcham will be to conserve energy and be very careful about constantly being in a fast break offense. With no subs and no room for error, Team Burcham will have to rely heavily on secondary scoring to get the win. That’s right. Team Captain Sam Burcham cannot be expected to do everything every game. The guy gets the ball taken away from him so much because he is expected to do everything! This Sunday night watch out for Jon Reimers and Nate Patton to fill the gaps and help their team get a victory! The rumor mill is rumbling as it appears that Andrew Ramirez has had his $25 fee paid and will be ready to roll for Team Burcham come this Sunday night! He could be an X Factor!
    • Team Keeton will be without their MVP and possibly 2nd best player in
      Kevin Baker. No problem. The team still has the 2017 GSBL Freshman Phenom in Stephen Roueche AND the 2nd round draft pick, Nathan Shook! For a neutral fan of the GSBL, one cannot help but appreciate the fine form that Team Captain Brad Keeton has his players in. Through three games, Team Keeton is 3rd in assists, 2nd in blocks and 4th in turnovers. However, without Keeton and Baker in the lineup, the tables are definitely turned in favor of Team Burcham! What player for Team Keeton will step up to the challenge?? Ari Hernandez? Nathan Shook? Stephen Roueche? Adam Roepke? All four of those players have had very good seasons in terms of expectations set forth at the beginning of the season! But most of their success has been due to the all-around basketball IQ of Team Captain Brad Keeton! Without their leader in the lineup, Team Keeton is definitely beatable! The key for Team Keeton is to get Roueche going early. He has got to find a rhythm from inside and maybe even step out to knock down a three once in a while. Roepke and Shook both need to hit double figures this week or we will be without an undefeated team!
    • Team Burcham has no subs, but they have a lot of momentum from getting a victory in Week 5! Team Keeton is still undefeated, but coming off an extended time off PLUS they are without their captain and Kevin Baker! We predict that Team Burcham will put an end to Team Keeton’s undefeated season with a close victory! Team Burcham -2.5 


  • #5 Team Mackay (1-2) vs #6 Team Mayfield (0-4) 9:30PM
    • In Week 4, Team Mackay had Team Monteiro on the ropes in line for their 2nd victory of the season! Instead, they blew a 9 point lead at the half and wound up dropping the game to fall to 1-2 on the season. Team Captain Tyler Mackay has improved greatly on his 2017 GSBL campaign and has brought a duel threat offensive style to the table. While he has dropped 41 points in 3 games, he has also dished 16 assists and registered 9 steals! He definitely is a big reason why his team is still a contender despite the 1-2 record. Another good factor for Team Mackay’s potential success is Carl Baltazar! Baltazar is 9/34 on the season from three point land, but he has the ability to heat up at any moment. If Team Mackay can get him open throughout the game for several uncontested looks, TM will be in excellent condition to improve to .500! Some players for Team Mackay that NEED to have a break out week would be the likes of Jeremiah Lendt and Jon Donley. We have yet to see Lendt play a good game while Donley has shown brief moments of his vintage self, but not enough to put money down! With Ben Otovo on the two week CL, Josiah Goddard and Brian Post can expect a decent amount of playing time in relief for their team’s starters! We don’t know how Team Mackay loses this game considering the circumstances for Team Mayfield, but anything is definitely possible.
    • Team Mayfield is 0-4 and going nowhere in a hurry. They have improved mightily since their Week 1 failure; but they still have so much to work on before they arrive at their full potential. Team Captain Mac Mayfield will have to get his first W of the season without 2 of his starters and 1 of his bench players as Mark Alejo, Aarion Johnson and Trent Hauser all find themselves on the shelf for the two week CL. This means that Team Mayfield will have NO subs and they will be using David Koehler as a starter for the FIRST time this season! Koehler has put together a nice season dropping a cool 10 points off the bench! He also provides an excellent defensive touch as he is known for sticking to his man like glue! Team Mayfield will desperately need Duke Andrade to have a monster game in the paint and on the glass if they are to get their first win. Also, Norman Cook and Mac Daddy will need to touch the ball on every possession and put up 20 shots each in order for their team to get the win! The other player for Team Mayfield is Jonathan Popovici, but he has been quite non-existent all season. With more playing time, he could find some of his high school magic and speed off to the races for several fast break layups! Only time will tell for Team Mayfield, but they will definitely be up against it!
    • Team Mackay is deeper and they have far too many guns compared to Team Mayfield! We are taking Team Mackay in a low scoring defensive battle!  Team Mackay -4.5