After the Week 5 postgame comments made by our sports commentator, Mr. Caleb Turner, regarding the lack of performance from some of the GSBL players—we have made the decision to SUSPEND Mr. Turner from posting articles on the GSBC Bleacher Report for ONE WEEK. 

We understand that many of the players were upset and offended by the comments that Mr. Turner made and we have no intention of disrespecting or offending any of the players in the GSBL! We apologize to the players for the comments regarding their lack of effort and their inability to put fans in the bleachers.

We at the GSBC Bleacher Report believe it is up to the viewer to decide whether or not the performance of the players was good or not. That is not our job. Our job is to broadcast the games, produce the stats of the game and promote for the games!

Mr. Turner will be allowed to return to his responsibilities next Friday, the 23rd, in preparation for Week 6 in the 2018 GSBL.