The Golden State Basketball League is BACK! After a week hiatus for the 2018 National Pastor’s and Workers Conference at NVBC, the 2018 GSBL returns to the hard court of the GSBC Gymnasium! Some would say that the start to THIS season in the GSBL would be the BEST start in recent memory! With the games decided by a low number of points and the competition level being extremely high, the GSBL has been made into a very watchable intramural sport! Some would say that soccer moves too fast and football has no fans. While those facts may be true, the GSBL has definitely offered a nice balance of both decent game speed and a good fan base to keep the games exciting for the viewers! Looking ahead to Week 5, we already see some playoff implications developing! Since all 6 teams will make the playoffs, it is very imperative that the teams fight for better seeding! These battles will be decided in the trenches of the GSBC Gymnasium!! Let’s look at what is in store for this Sunday night:


  • #6 Team Mayfield (0-3) vs #5 Team Burcham (0-2) 8:30PM
    • After their best “team performance” of the season, Team Mayfield STILL found themselves on the losing end of their Week 4 battle with Team Keeton! Projected to finish in 2nd place with losing in the Championship Game to Team Keeton, Team Mayfield has under performed in a very drastic way! The offense for Team Mayfield has NOT been the problem. The defense has been terrible!! 152 points against in three games!!! Averaging 50 points against per game is NOT going to win games in the GSBL! The only way you win with those kind of defensive numbers is if your offense is the greatest thing since sliced bread! A positive for Team Mayfield is that their captain, Mac Mayfield, had a fantastic game against Team Keeton in Week 4! His point numbers have brought him to 46 on the season and since Brad Keeton is off this week, Mac should have no problems leapfrogging him for 1st in points! While Duke Andrade has played terrible on the glass and in the offensive point production, he has added a new aspect to his game! His ability to find the open player has allowed him to register 9 assists in three games! That is good for 3rd in the GSBL! As for the guards of Team Mayfield, Norman Cook played half a game in Week 4 and put up decent numbers for no warm up. Aarion Johnson has struggled mightily in finding a rhythm with his shooting. 20 points and 12 turnovers in three games is just not going to cut it! Mark Alejo has been unable to consistently hit his jump shot and Jonathan Popovici has been invisible. While all of this is negative news, there is another positive for Team Mayfield and that is their bench players. David Koehler and Trent Hauser had a fantastic game in Week 4 combining for 8 points total! Koehler specifically played fantastic and SHOULD have won himself some more playing time going forward! Since it is a “more favorable” matchup against the (0-2) Team Burcham, David should find himself getting some more playing time this Sunday night!
    • It’s not all that bad! Literally, it is not as bad as it was! The way the season has gone since the last time Team Burcham played (February 4th), has really opened the flood gates for a broken team like Team Burcham. With a new captain at the helm, Team Captain Sam Burcham has his work cut out for him. While it is no secret that Sam leads the league in turnovers with 16 in two games, his ability to create offense for himself is no laughing matter. He has a way of getting into the lane, creating contact and getting to the free throw line. Whether he makes his free throws or not is beside the point, he just knows how to create offense for himself. Our question is: can he create offense for a team who averaged 40 points in their first two games? We’re not gonna lie—we don’t think he can! He’s a great player and has all the makings of an offensive threat on his own, but he will need to add the ability to create offense among his players IF his team is going to be successful going forward! How do they get a win? Jon Reimers has gotta step up. Literally, he MUST step up. He scored 5 points in two games. Timmy Deharo MUST find the shooting magic again from Week 1. Nate Patton and Alex Burks need to keep shooting the ball as both registered 11 points each through the first two games! Once again, it is NOT all bad for Team Burcham. With a win of 6+ points and a bad Team Tanqueco loss, Team Burcham COULD vault all the way to the #3 spot in the standings!! They just need to find good team chemistry and work on getting everybody involved. If they can do that, they might just shock the world.
    • Someone has to win and with Team Mayfield peaking against Team Keeton, we have no choice but to pick Team Mayfield for the first W! With the scores being pretty close all season, this game should be tight down to the wire. Team Mayfield -4 


  • #1 Team Monteiro (3-0) vs #3 Team Tanqueco (1-1) 9:30PM
    • It was a tale of two halves for Team Monteiro in an incredible comeback to take over #1 in the league. Down 21-3 all the way to winning 43-35! How did that happen? Two theories: Team Mackay thought they had already won OR Team Monteiro started playing with all of their players. When 7 of your 8 players score, something is being done right! Team Captain Tim Monteiro is playing VERY smart in running his lineup. In fact, it almost mirrors the way
      Sam Slattery ran his lineup last year! Jon Keeton leads the team with 34 points on the season while Tim Monteiro and Ricky Friedly have both scored 25 each! Side note: if Ricky Friedly stays off the CL, he will MOST DEFINITELY be up for the 2018 GSBL Unsung Hero Award! He has quietly put together a very inspirational season with clutch shots and free throws! All while remaining in the shadows of Timmy and Jon. Finally, if Trent Bailey starts making his bunny layups and turnaround hook shots, Team Monteiro will most likely win out the regular season and be early playoff favorites to win the championship! The guy has turned in to one of the best big men in our league and it is definitely much in part to his 42 rebounds on the season! Since Team Monteiro is a very tight team defensively, they should not have too much problems winning against Team Tanqueco, but that would be WHY every game is played!
    • After a much needed couple BYE weeks, Team Tanqueco has had time to lick its wounds after a crazy start to the season. Going from a 20 point comeback victory to a 14 comeback against lost, Team Tanqueco needed a week to refocus and refresh themselves going forward. They caught a good break as Matt Colasanti was placed on the two week CL two weeks which would have prevented him from playing last week. However, due to the BYE week, it did not matter and he will be back in the lineup this Sunday night! The last time Team Tanqueco played was February 11th so it will interesting to see if there is ANY rust on some of the players! When Team Tanqueco walks on the court this Sunday night, they will enter with the 2nd most turnovers at 45. (Team Monteiro has 46 turnovers, but has played one more game) In order for Team Tanqueco to win, they MUST cut down on the turnovers. To average almost 23 turnovers a game, will NOT win games! Between Nate Webb and Patrick Seamster, they have combined for 22 of the 45!! Something has to change and it NEEDS to change this Sunday night. Another key is whether or not Patrick Seamster can start making his bunny layups and jump hook shots. If Patrick can’t make his EASY shots, Team Tanqueco can kiss the game away. Another question that Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco needs to ask himself is what more can he get from bench players? Last time out, Aaron Lopez gave him 4 points. Alejandro Lizardi got 2 points. That’s it! Where was Omar Limon? Where was John Clemente? Where was Chad Correia? Where was Jonson Yoshimura? The great teams in our league have a bench that produces…that is no secret! So, the moral of this thought is can Team Tanqueco constantly rely on Colasanti, Webb and Seamster to make the magic happen?
    • The most exciting 1 on 1 battle takes place this Sunday night as the Top 2 big men will go one on one in the paint all game long! #1 and #2 in rebounds. #1 and #3 in blocks. We are in for a treat with Patrick and Trent dueling in the prime time slot! On paper, Team Monteiro should blow out Team Tanqueco. But as every one knows, games are not played on paper. A dandy of a game awaits, but we have Team Monteiro improving to 4-0. Team Monteiro -3.5


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