The 2018 Golden State Basketball League regular season has been a season quite summed up in the word, “runs.” It seems like in every game this season, we have watched a team jump out to a larger than life lead only to watch it slip away. Now, not every time does the team that was leading collapse all the way to lose. But Team Mayfield, Team Tanqueco and now Team Mackay know what it is like to watch a HUGE lead slip away. Week 4 in the 2018 GSBL was a semi-thrilling week which saw both games decided by 8 points each! Let’s get right to the summary:


  • Team Monteiro vs Team Mackay (Team Monteiro wins 43-35)
    • A wise philosopher once said, “It’s not over till the fat lady sings!” Team Monteiro made that wise proverb come to pass in a thrilling comeback against Team Mackay! I did not realize that Team Monteiro was so incredibly deep when it came to spreading out the points! 7 of the 8 players who dressed last night for Team Monteiro put points on the board! Only ONE player registered double digits as that was Ricky Friedly with 10 points! Early in the 1st half, Team Monteiro literally looked like a high school team trying to find their way on the “big boys court.” With 8 minutes to go in the 1st half, Team Monteiro found themselves down 21-3 and it looked like there was no hope! However, a nice run to close the half and get within 9 gave Team Timmy a legitimate chance at coming back! From there, Team Monteiro did not look back! They outscored Team Mackay 29-12 in the 2nd half en route to a 43-35 victory to improve to 3-0 on the season. Significant performances would include the 16 rebound performance from Trent Bailey and the good bench play that DJ Chitty provided with 4 points and 2 rebounds along with some excellent defense on Team Mackay’s star players. Team Monteiro covered and went beyond the spread of 3 points with winning by 8 points! Team Monteiro’s next game will be against Team Tanqueco on March 11th in the 9:30PM prime time game!
    • An incredible start highlighted by some star-studded shooting from Carl Baltazar was all for naught as Team Mackay collapsed in dramatic fashion to lose 43-35. Team Captain Tyler Mackay had an excellent game plan early by opening the Monteiro defensive seams. The ball movement was fast, the shooting was hot, the pressure was intense. They just couldn’t keep it going. To be a successful team in the GSBL, you MUST weather the rainfall to make it through the storms! Jeremiah Lendt was clearly not in sync as he shot 0 of 5 from the field. The bench was non-existent for Team Mackay in Week 4 and Jon Donley went back into hibernation mode AFTER the 21-3 run. Team Captain Tyler Mackay tried to take over the game in the 2nd half, but Jon Keeton and Trent Bailey did a superb job of shutting him down in the paint. While Team Mackay does not suffer long term failure, they find themselves with a 1-2 record and not much momentum going forward. Team Mackay does not play again until March 25th where they will face Team Mayfield in the 9:30PM prime time game!


  • Team Keeton vs Team Mayfield (Team Keeton wins 60-52)
    • I was not surprised with how fast Team Keeton came out of the gate! Team Captain Brad Keeton is the smartest player in the league which would also make him the smartest captain of the six! He knew that Team Mayfield has yet to develop much chemistry. He knew that they would most likely work the ball inside to Mac Daddy all game long. He knew all of this and was prepared to combat it with a game plan that was executed to perfection. It also helps tremendously when your team shoots 44% from the field! There was no doubt from start to finish with who was going to win the game! Brad registered 20 points with 7 rebounds while Kevin Baker shot 4/4 for 9 points in another display of how talented he has become. The 2017 Freshman Phenom, Stephen Roueche, started to show signs of the old “younger” Stephen as he dropped a double double with 10 points and 12 rebounds! 7 of the 10 players who played last night for Team Keeton scored which just shows how deep their team really is! Ren Veras dropped 6 points last night, Paul Mateo scored in his 1st minute on the court!! Team Captain Brad Keeton dropped 20 points which now gives him a league high 52! If there was such a thing as a “MVP Award through Three Games,” I would give it to Brad Keeton with no objections and no complaints. The guy has literally played a perfect season so far. Next up for Team Keeton is a date against Team Burcham on March 25th in the 8:30PM game!
    • It would not be fair to Team Mayfield if I did not recognize the fact that their chemistry did get a little better. They actually seemed to have a little more going for them this week! But, they ran into the wrong team to work out their chemistry problems! While Team Captain Mac Mayfield scored 23 points despite attempting 25 field goals, Team Mayfield had little answer for the wide range of scoring that Team Keeton put on display. Also, Aarion Johnson has yet to arrive on the GSBL stage. He may seem like a good ball player with all the tools, but his basketball skill in the GSBL is just not there. He can’t even make his layups…wide open ones!! For that matter, a good majority of the players on Team Mayfield can’t make their wide open lay ups! They MIGHT have actually won the game had they made 4 or 5 of their bunny lay ups that they missed! Duke Andrade has played terrible all season long. Norman Cook is relied upon too much and just can’t do it all himself! The bright spot for Team Mayfield is that David Koehler and Trent Hauser combined for 8 points off the bench! I don’t know what to say to Team Mayfield. I’m literally at a loss for what I have witnessed through 3 games! They have all the tools, yet still find ways to play themselves out of games! They will be right back at it on March 11th as the two teams without wins will go head to head to see who can get in the wins’ column first! They will play Team Burcham in the 8:30PM game on March 11th!


-Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network