After a week off for President’s Day, the 2018 GSBL returns Sunday night in what promises to be a most entertaining night of basketball! The top 2 teams in the nation will be involved in both of the evening’s games including a star studded clash between #3 Team Mackay and #2 Team Monteiro at 8:30PM followed by #6 Team Mayfield taking on #1 Team Keeton at 9:30PM! Let’s get to the week preview…


  • #2 Team Monteiro (2-0) vs #3 Team Mackay (1-1) 8:30PM
    • After Week 3’s dominant defensive display put on by Team Monteiro, there was little doubt left to whether or not someone would believe that Team Timmy is a threat to the 2018 GSBL…THEY ARE! After surrendering a measly 23 points to the lowly Team Mayfield, Team Captain Tim Monteiro has his troops poised to make a run for #1 in the league! After playing two fairly weak teams to start the season, Team Monteiro gets their first “test” against Team Mackay. Jon Keeton started to find his rhythm against Team Mayfield as he climbed to #3 in points with 27 in total through two games! Trent Bailey has put together a nice start to his GSBL career as he is already averaging 13 RPG with 26 in total! The Chitty Boys are fitting in nicely on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball while Ricky Friedly is quietly putting together a very impressive season! For Team Monteiro to win on Sunday night, they need to figure out a way to contain Tyler Mackay. The guy will score, but it is all about limiting the damage that he can cause! Also, Team Mackay SHOULD have Jeremiah Lendt back in the lineup, so the paint will be very crowded!
    • Jon Donley is out of his slump! Tyler Mackay is scoring A LOT! Carl Baltazar is CLUTCH! The three guards for Team Mackay carried their team to victory for the most part in their thrilling come-from-behind victory over Team Tanqueco in Week 3. Despite the absence of the aforementioned Jeremiah Lendt, Team Mackay was still able to battle on the glass and get some key second chance opportunities on the offensive side. This week, they will need Lendt to perform at a very high level to keep Trent Bailey in check. If Team Mackay can whether the extremely fast tempo that Team Monteiro likes to use, they might just be able to make a game out of it.
    • This game will most likely be the BEST game of the night and will probably be decided by 5 points or less. With the way the season has gone so far with 4 of the 6 games being decided by three points or less, we really can’t say for sure how the game will go. However, we will give the edge to Team Monteiro with their depth of talent. Team Monteiro -3


  • #1 Team Keeton (2-0) vs #6 Team Mayfield (0-2) 9:30PM
    • Is there a more complete team than Team Keeton? Honestly, Team Captain Brad Keeton has yet to play his full potential and STILL his team is 2-0 and clearly #1 in the league! After the BYE week, his guys should be well rested and ready to put on a show against the win-seeking Team Mayfield. The 2017 Freshman Phenom, Stephen Roueche, has struggled to get going offensively in the start of this season. 14 points through two games is pretty average for Roueche so don’t be surprised if the White Mamba puts on a show this Sunday night! Kevin Baker is one of the BEST under-radar talents in the entire GSBL. One of the things that he struggled with early in his GSBL career was keeping his strength and emotions under control. As a veteran athlete in the GSBL, Kevin has transformed his game to a SURE-THING Top 10 talent! He can score, pass and rebound with ease. One player that had a great 2nd week, but under performed in Week 1 is Nathan Shook. Team Captain Brad Keeton picked Shook with his 2nd round draft pick, but Nathan has yet to “catch fire.” THIS week, we are predicting an explosive game from Shook in which he will probably crack double figures! Team Keeton shouldn’t have too many problems in beating Team Mayfield…the real question is: how many points will they beat them by?
    • Team Mayfield has so many problems that we don’t know how to pinpoint WHICH problem is the worst. We think THIS might be the problem: chemistry. There is NO chemistry with this team. Too many guys want to control everything which leads to NOTHING being controlled. We are honestly quite surprised with the development of this team as they were our preseason runner ups to Team Keeton in the Championship Game! Literally, EVERY player MUST play better. From the Captain to the bench players, this team needs a face lift and they need it fast. However, there is a couple of bright spots for the 0-2 Team Mayfield. Norman Cook has played superb basketball in which he has compiled 29 points in two games! In fact, as we write this, we might have just picked up on the problem. Team Captain Mac Mayfield and Norman Cook have a combined 52 of their teams 76 points!! They have NO depth. If they can’t get some scoring from their other 3 scorers and bench players, this team WILL finish 0-6! For Team Mayfield to beat Team Keeton this Sunday night, it will take a minor miracle from on high!
    • Having presented our case for Team Keeton to win, we open the spread heavily favored on Team Keeton. Team Keeton -8.5