When the 2018 GSBL began, there was little to no talk about the fact that the crowd makes an impact in games. I am a firm believer in “the bigger the crowd, the better the game.” In Week 1, the GSBC Gymnasium was practically at capacity. Both games were decided by 3 points. In Week 2, the arena was at 50% for the first game and it ended in a double digit blow out. The 2nd game in the Week 2 doubleheader was the now infamous 20 point overtime comeback victory by Team Tanqueco…the place was PACKED!! Last night, the point of a full stadium vs a half-full stadium was proven yet again. The adrenaline is just NOT there for the first games. WHY? Once curfew hits at 10:30, all of the dating couples make their way into the GSBC Gymnasium to get a couple more minutes together before the long school/work week begins! Thus, the crowd is fuller and the adrenaline starts pumping! A terrible performance by Team Mayfield and another ground breaking comeback are the headlines for Week 3!


  • Team Monteiro vs Team Mayfield (Team Monteiro wins 34-23)
    • A very refreshing performance from Jon Keeton as he was able to shoot 33% from the field, but drop a cool 14 points! Yes, his shooting percentage is below average; but then again, who’s shooting percentage is ABOVE average?!?! The thing with Jon is that he was able to get himself going early in the 1st half with a couple buckets and trips to the free throw line. From there, he coasted through the game with a really good all around performance. Besides Matt Colasanti, there is not another better unsung hero than Ricky Friedly! The guy keeps producing in an incredible way including 7 points with two very timely 3 pointers! He is not afraid to scrap it up and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Impressed is an understatement. Except for a fluke Mac Mayfield buzzer beater off the glass from a bad angle, Team Monteiro had little to no problem in beating Team Mayfield! While Tim Monteiro will not like the 14 turnovers his team conceded, he WILL like the offense from Anthony Moreno and Josh Chitty! This team is poised to meet Team Keeton as early favorites for the GSBL Championship Game come April 30th, but as a wise philosopher once said—don’t count your chickens before they hatch!
    • I didn’t think we could see a worse performance than the Week 2 performance put on by Team Burcham. I was wrong. Team Mayfield copy shot an atrocious 15% from the field and surrendered 12 turnovers to boot! They had 3 players that scored! THREE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! On top of that, the ONLY bucket that Mac Mayfield made was the aforementioned bad angle fluke buzzer beater three pointer to finish the 1st half! Honestly, this team has every piece you could want. A big man (Duke Andrade), a big scorer (Mac Mayfield), a ball handler and scorer put together (Norman Cook), a guy who has a little bit of flare (Aarion Johnson), a small guard who I thought could still shoot the rock pretty decent (Mark Alejo) and a bench that has some “significant” names that I thought could give Mac Daddy some good minutes. I was wrong. This team is nothing than a “less turnover” filled Team Burcham. There is ZERO chemistry. There isn’t enough chemistry. They are not meshing well at all. If Team Captain Mac Mayfield can’t score like last night, this team will lose by double figures every time. Jonathan Popovici is fast, but he does not possess any rhythm in ANY of his shot selections. He rules the soccer court, but not the basketball court. I don’t have enough words to describe how bad the performance was last night. The good thing for Team Mayfield is that they do not play again until February 25th. The bad thing is: they play Team Keeton!!


  • Team Mackay vs Team Tanqueco (Team Mackay wins 45-44)
    • At half time, it looked bleak. With 14 minutes to go, it was a fourteen point game! It looked bad for Team Mackay. However, with a vengeance like a rising Phoenix from the ashes…CARL BALTAZAR struck back!! Granted, his field goal percentage was pretty bad, he still found ways to hit 2 ginormous 2nd half three pointers to bring his team back! Team Captain Tyler Mackay excelled once again in finding ways to score himself. Jon Donley got out of the boat and put on a “Vintage Jon Donley” performance with 9 points and a couple rebounds! Tyler Pettis is another unsung hero who has quietly had a decent first season in the GSBL. He dropped 5 points and grabbed double figures in rebounds! However, the story was the 14 point comeback! Dejavu from last week! With 30 seconds to go and down two points, Tyler Mackay brought the ball up the court to run a play to either tie or take the lead. After playing catch with Baltazar for a couple seconds, Tyler passed the ball right back to Carl on the high wing. Carl did the rest!! With 12 seconds to go and stardom on the line, Baltazar nailed his 3rd three pointer of the half to send the GSBC Gymnasium into a massive frenzy! Team Tanqueco was unable to score with the last possession and Team Mackay got the victory! The W is HUGE because on February 25th Team Mackay will face off against the 2-0 Team Monteiro at 8:30PM in what promises to be a VERY entertaining battle!
    • We laughed at the idea of Team Tanqueco being a legitimate threat. I know I did. But once again, I was proven wrong. This is the team that came back down 20 points with 14 minutes to go to win in overtime! This team is the team that drafted a 5’10 freshman guard with their first round draft pick!??! And yet, they found themselves 14 minutes away from improving to 2-0. Not possible. Unfortunately for Team Tanqueco, the “Team Mayfield disease” struck at a very inopportune time. Regardless of the loss, Team Tanqueco once again proved to every team in the league that they are a legit contender. Maybe not a favorite, but definitely a contender. While Patrick Seamster continues to wrestle rebounds down, his ability to make lay ups is poor. If he fixes that, this team is LIGHTS OUT. They already have a scorer in Matt Colasanti. Nate Webb COULD be considered a scorer if he didn’t have to attempt 17 shots to get 12 points. Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco put in 6 points while his bench (Aaron Lopez and Alejandro Lizardi) came in and scored 6 points as well! Another thing that I will give this team is that they can draw fouls with ease! On top of that, they actually do a really good job of making their free throws as they shot 13/18 from the line! This team COULD easily make the semifinals and then who knows!! Before I make any bold and brash statements, I want to see them play against Team Keeton and Team Monteiro. Then we’ll talk again.


-Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network