After two incredible weeks of basketball, we turn our attentions to Week 3 in the 2018 GSBL! Week 1 featured two 3 point finishes. Week 2 had a 12 point blow out followed by a 20 point comeback victory in overtime! Week 3 should have a 21 point blow out and a 40 point comeback victory in double overtime, right?? Let’s take a look at the matchups:


  • Team Mayfield (0-1) vs Team Monteiro (1-0) 8:30PM
    • Advantage Team Monteiro?? Not so fast. Granted, Monteiro’s squad is coming off a BYE week which is much needed rest for many of their players, we are not so fast to jump on the Monteiro bandwagon in Week 3. The one-two punch of Tim and Trent (The Wildomar Boys), were extremely exciting to watch in Week 1’s 49-46 victory over then Team Kobernat. If everyone remembers correctly, Team Monteiro was down by 8 at the half and battled back to outscore Team Kobe by 11 in the 2nd half! In fact, Team Monteiro started the 2nd half on a 9-0 run to regain the lead in the first 3 minutes!! Having said that, Team Kobernat (now Team Burcham), struggled mightily to hit their three pointers in the 2nd half and fumbled the ball horrendously!! Credit where it is do though, Team Monteiro proved that they have the fortitude to come back from a deficit! When it mattered most, Ricky Friedly hit a massive three pointer to regain the lead! Pablo Cuevas had a big three pointer. DJ Chitty put a basket in. In fact, 6 of the 9 players for Team Monteiro scored in Week 1! All things seem to point to a Team Monteiro victory…
    • Last Sunday night we witnessed the biggest and fastest comeback in GSBL history! 20 points in 10 minutes! What about the other side of the coin to that incredible comeback?? There was a HUGE let down and that let down was at the expense of Team Mayfield. What went wrong? When the shots stopped falling, the careless mistakes of being too fancy began to take over. When the mistakes piled up, shots were forced in precarious spots on the court. When an open look was generated due to good ball movement, the shot was missed because there was no rhythm to their offense. Thus, a 20 point let down in 10 minutes! Is there any positives? We think Team Captain Mac Mayfield needs to assess the positives in a performance-based standing. David Koehler was exactly what he needed to be and then some when he was on the court. Why was DK not on the court during the 20 point let down?? He not only scored a basket and assisted on another, he blocked a shot and stole a pass! Give the guy an NBA contract!! Mark Alejo did not make a shot (0/7), but hit 6/7 from the charity stripe. Trent Hauser played less than 5 minutes. We don’t even think he sweated. If Team Mayfield is to beat Team Monteiro this Sunday night, he will have to use his bench more often than not. These guys need opportunities to prove themselves and keeping the bench warm will not do it.
    • We are picking Team Monteiro this week, but it is bound to be a very close battle that will most likely go down to the wire! Team Monteiro -1.5


  • Team Tanqueco (1-0) vs Team Mackay (0-1) 9:30PM
    • We have labored it MUCH already—Team Tanqueco pulled off the biggest and fastest comeback in GSBL history this past Sunday night! Despite shooting a terrible 28% percent and turning the ball over 28 times, Team Tanqueco won 56-53 in overtime! What needs to change going in to Week 3 against Team Mackay? Patrick Seamster needs to get better. HUH?!?!? He is the Week 2 Freshman Phenom! He had a double double! He made the game tying free throws with 4 seconds left!! He also shot 2/21 (9%) and turned the ball over 5 times! This guy would have easily had 30 points if he had shot the ball better! A lot of his misses came within 5-7 feet of the rim, too! Nate Webb needs to get better with the ball. Webber turned the ball over a team high 7 times! He hit 1 of 2 from beyond the arc so we feel like he needs to shoot a little more from the land beyond! Keep feeding Matt Colasanti. He got better as the game went on, but boy was he good! Probably their most consistent player throughout the Week 2 thriller against Team Mayfield. Where is Aaron Lopez when you need him most?? The guy played a little more than Trent Hauser did for Team Mayfield!! These role players who do very well with their jobs NEED MORE PLAYING TIME!!! By the way, Omar Limon was the spark that cued the dramatic comeback so a big shout out to him! Also, he shot 50% from the field (3/6)!
    • Team Captain Tyler Mackay and his boys in blue played an exceptional first game of the season against a VERY talented Team Keeton team!! Despite not coming out on the green side, Team Mackay can be proud of the fight that they put up! Tyler shot 50% from the field (6/12), Tyler Pettis shot 44% (4/9) and Carl Baltazar shot 5 of 6 from the free throw line! What needs to improve? Jon Donley and Carl┬áneed to make more shots! They both shot a combined 1/15 from the field with Carl making the only shot! That needs to improve drastically for this team to have ANY success at all this season! We understand that this team is more of a run and gun squad, but Jeremiah Lendt COULD be a big help with some post plays. If Team Captain Tyler Mackay can run some plays for Jeremiah to get him going offensively, they might have a chance this week!
    • We feel like Team Tanqueco has a better starting five and plays with a little more passion. If Team Mackay is to win this week, they will need to get Jeremiah Lendt involved and somehow get Donley and Baltazar making their shots! We are taking Team Tanqueco. Team Tanqueco -5.0


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