“There is NO WAY that Week 1 can be topped!” “Week 1 is quite possibly the greatest Week 1 in the history of the GSBL!” “Both games in Week 1 will probably top any set of two games that we will see all season long!” “Week 1 has set the bar very high!”

These are some of the things that I heard and said coming out of the impressive first week of games in the 2018 GSBL! Week 1 was fantastic! Both games ended with a 3 point victory, which for the most part is a VERY close margin for the GSBL! However, Week 2 sported the high flying Team Keeton taking on the impressive shooting squad in Team Kobernat followed by Team Mayfield and Team Tanqueco playing in their first games of the season!! Let’s get started…


  • Team Keeton vs Team Kobernat (Team Keeton wins 46-34)
    • After giving up 39 points in their Week 1 opener against Team Mackay, Team Keeton buckled up on defense by only giving up 34 points! These 34 points against were at the expense of the best shooting team in the GSBL! We often hear the quote, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” For Team Captain Brad Keeton, that statement could never be more true! He is as gifted if not more gifted than he was before his ACL injury. While he may criticize his shooting percentage, he’s gotta love the fact that his defense has improved and his scoring hasn’t wavered! Kevin Baker had a really solid game on the glass and in the paint as he put up a cool, quiet 12 points! Adam Roepke continues to reboot his role in the GSBL and it is amazing to watch! The big man had 8 points and 8 rebounds in an impressive effort off the bench! Another week and another average game from 2017 Freshman Phenom, Stephen Roueche! It is only a matter of time for Roueche to put together an impressive point production; but until then, Team Keeton is doing just fine! All in all, I am convinced that Team Keeton is the BEST team in the 2018 GSBL so far and their BYE week has got to feel pretty good up 2-0 in the standings!
    • “This team will live and die by the three.” We literally said this last week after Team Kobernat’s loss at the hands of Team Monteiro in which Kobe’s squad played a fantastic game to only come up just short! This week was a different story. They were outclassed, outmanaged, outworked and outplayed. I have never seen a team shoot so many three pointers to only see 10% of those shots fall! 3/31?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!? Team Captain Jared Kobernat shot 0/12 from the field while picking up 2 points from the charity stripe! I cannot believe how bad his performance was. He comes off an unbelievable 19 point performance to only stumble very bad in Week 2. On the bright side, Alex Burks might just be the new “Shamrock Shake!” His three point shooting tends to excite the crowd while his after-make celebrations excite us even more! Big time props to Sam Burcham for getting to the free throw line 12 times! I am confident he had many bruises when he went home last night, but the BYE week should help him rest up for their third game later this month!
  • Team Tanqueco vs Team Mayfield (Team Tanqueco wins 56-53 in overtime!) 
    • Where do I begin?? Never in my life have I witnessed a team, LIVE and in person, put up such a fight to never quit, never surrender and never die in the most dramatic come from behind victory in GSBL history! Down 29-15 at the half and down 37-17 with 14 minutes to go, this team found a will and a way to fight back and force overtime! We highlight Matt Colasanti with his impressive 2nd half performance that breathed new life into his team’s faint pulse! A legend has been made out of Patrick Seamster when it comes to rebounds as he picked up 18. Granted, a lot of his rebounds were his own missed shots, but either way…he grabbed a lot! Let me set the stage: With 10 seconds to go and down by 3, Colasanti was fouled as he crossed half court attempting to make an extra move to create a game tying three pointer! He made the front end and missed the back end. Some believe he intentionally missed the 2nd free throw to generate a second chance to tie or take the lead. Seamster grabbed the offensive rebound and was fouled in the act of shooting with 4 seconds to go!! He made both free throws to tie the game and send it to overtime where Team Tanqueco eventually took over and won 56-53!! So many individual performances to talk about including the spark from Team Captain Dexter Tanqueco, the quality bench time from Omar Limon and the brilliance from Matt Colasanti! To Team Tanqueco: Enjoy the victory while it lasts…next week Team Mackay will be out for blood in the prime time 9:30 match!!
    • After playing a perfect 1st half, Team Mayfield saw their lead build to 20 with 14 minutes to go! After being stuck on 41 points for a little over 6 minutes of game play, Team Mayfield executed one of the worst blown leads in the history of the GSBL! I know, its definitely heart breaking if you are a Team Mayfield fan; but even as a fan of TM, you can still take MANY positives out of the terrible, gut-wrenching loss. Team Captain Mac Mayfield is playing on a hurt ankle and still managed to drop 20 points in the losing effort! Norman Cook looks fantastic in the point guard position while Aarion Johnson and Mark Alejo showed signs of chemistry from the Napa days! This is not the time to dwell on the loss. Team Monteiro is waiting and licking their chops for the 8:30 game this coming Sunday night! An opportunity to forget this painful loss with a victory of their own is in reach! The question is: next time Team Mayfield has a lead, will they finish??


Week 2 in the 2018 GSBL produced a blow out and an incredible 20 point comeback victory! 4 games into the season and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of this incredible action! It is a privilege that I do not take lightly to broadcast these games every Sunday night! If you have never watched a GSBL game, I strongly recommend tuning in THIS coming Sunday night as Team Mayfield will play Team Monteiro in the 8:30PM game followed by Team Mackay vs Team Tanqueco! Join myself and Jonathan Treadway for all the play by play action LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network courtesy of Facebook LIVE!!

-Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network