Just as the Freshman Phenoms, every player in the 2018 GSBL has played!! This also means that the time talent and performance cross lines and become an impending debate among the athletes! We could care less about how talented the players are on the court. The million dollar question is: what have you done for your team so far this season?

We understand that many of the players have only played 1 game so for us to judge them on 1 game MIGHT be kind of unfair! So we preface this list by saying, “Check back after Week 3 to have a better idea with where every player is truly ranked!” If you ignore the preface, enjoy the list!!

P.S. This list does NOT include the freshman…that is what the Freshman Phenoms List is for! Also if anyone is wondering how we rate our rankings:

  • Did your team win?
  • Did you contribute to your team’s success?
    • Offensively
    • Defensively
  • Was your performance a fluke?
    • Duplicate your effort in the following week
  • Did you attempt a gazillion shots to get your high point total?

If you are looking for “Who is the BEST player overall?”, we will release that list at the midway point of the season. If you are looking for “Who is the MVP of the 2018 GSBL?”, that will be released when more than FOUR players have proven to be an MVP so far…


1. Brad Keeton

2. Sam Burcham

3. Mac Mayfield

4. Kevin Baker

5. Tim Monteiro

6. Stephen Roueche

7. Tyler Mackay

8. Jared Kobernat

9. Dexter Tanqueco

10. Jon Keeton

11. Adam Roepke

12. Nate Patton

13. Carl Baltazar

14. Mark Alejo

15. Ricky Friedly

16. Duke Andrade

17. Alex Burks

18. Jeremiah Lendt

19. Ben Otovo

20. Jon Reimers

21. Nathan Shook

22. Ari Hernandez

23. Miguel Gomez

24. Omar Limon

25. Pablo Cuevas

26. DJ Chitty

27. Nick Butcher

28. Jon Donley

29. Jonathan Popovici

30. Aaron Lopez

31. Josh Chitty

32. Chad Correia

33. Alejandro Lizardi

34. Jonson Yoshimura

35. Ruben Iniguez

36. Josiah Goddard

37. Jake Brown