It is very hard to believe that we are already starting Week 2 in the 2018 Golden State Basketball League!! Just 6 days ago, we witnessed a new generation of GSBL ballers put on a show worthy of ESPN! The rookies stepped up while the veterans stepped back IN to play the game that we all love: basketball!

With Week 2 featuring a clash between Team Keeton and Team Kobernat, we look at some of the things to expect going into the 8:30 battle:

  • Team Keeton vs Team Kobernat 8:30PM
    • Team Captain Brad Keeton will want to work on his team’s “killer instinct.” Last week, they were unable to ride a 9 point lead with 7 minutes to go in the 2nd half which led to a Team Mackay comeback in the late stages! Although Keeton played a phenomenal game himself, we are looking for Stephen Roueche to step his game up just a little bit more. Role players like Adam Roepke and Nathan Shook will want to strike early and strike hard in what promises to be an offensive showdown against the “three pointer machine,” Team Kobernat
    • What went down last Sunday night in the prime time game was something super special! Very few times has a GSBL crowd been so captivated and so involved in a game that on every made bucket, the GSBC Gymnasium would be shaking with noise. The three point shooting exhibition was marvelous and it was led by Team Captain Jared Kobernat! If Team Kobe can keep shooting the rock as good as they did, they might just be able to pull off the upset over Team Keeton!

The last two teams that have yet to play in this year’s GSBL, will star in our 9:30PM prime time slot! Although we would not peg this as our “Game of the Night,” it should generate its own highlights by itself!

  • Team Mayfield vs Team Tanqueco 9:30PM
    • The talk going into the season was: to could Mac Mayfield captain another team back to the GSBL Championship Game?? We believe he can. The 2018 GSBL Player Draft was an interesting one at that with a lot of surprise draft picks in the early stages including some shocking picks ahead of others! Team Mayfield MAY just have the BEST Starting Five in the entire league. Looking at Mac’s lineup, we assume it will be Mayfield, Cook, Andrade, Alejo and Johnson with Hauser and Popovici coming off the bench at 6 and 7. If anyone knows the GSBL, Mac has a pretty sharp and potent Starting Five with two really good athletes coming off the bench! The key will be Norman Cook. Norman is playing in his first season in the GSBL so a lot of pressure will be on the starting point guard going into tomorrow night! If Mac’s ankle heals quick enough, we believe that this team has the tools to go undefeated!
    • There was a little bit of surprise when we heard that Dexter Tanqueco was going to be a captain in this year’s GSBL! Having said that, we said the same thing about Jared Kobernat and look how he and his team did in their first game! Lost, but played fantastic with a really good amount of chemistry! For Dex, he is going to need Patrick Seamster to play the best season of basketball that he has EVER played! The quick handles of Tanqueco and newcomer Nate Webb will be on full display tomorrow night when this smaller team goes up against a fairly sizeable Mayfield squad. Also, for the first time in his career, Aaron Lopez has generated a lot of hype with the possibility of being an offensive threat! Last season, Lopez was a part of the dominating Team Slattery squad and therefore did not need to be used in an offensive. This season, the rumors have been swirling that Tanqueco might just be using Lopez in an offensive role! He will need every bit of offensive he can as Tanqueco’s squad was our pre-ranked last place team going into the season! However, if any body can prove any one wrong, it is THIS team!!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page at 8:25PM as Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway will have the FULL play by play coverage!!