The 2018 GSBL Opening Scrimmage is JUST ONE day away which means it is time to reveal the team captains for this season! Commissioner Obstaculo spent many hours laboring over who he wanted to captain the six teams and in the process put together an all star line up of captains! We begin with the returning captains:

  • Mac Mayfield
    • Mayfield captained his team to a 5-3 regular season record last season as well as a semifinal victory over Team Keeton to play for the 2017 GSBL Championship. Despite losing to a potent, near-perfect Team Slattery, Mac captained his team to a successful season and definitely deserves a shot at redemption!
  • Brad Keeton
    • In Week 1 of last year’s season, Brad Keeton went up for a lay up and came down awkwardly to the court. As the crowd held their breath, the nightmare became a reality—a torn ACL. Despite the injury, Brad made the best of it and coached his team to an impressive 5-3 season as well! During the offseason, the world watched as Keeton rehabbed and prepared for an eventual return to the court! This season is about Brad returning to the throne that he once sat on and regain his right as the best player in the league!
  • Dexter Tanqueco
    • It will be Dexter’s first season as a team captain in the GSBL! With some of the fastest hands and quickest feet, it will be important for Dex to draft some big guys to keep the paint cleared and covered both on offense and defense!
  • Tyler Mackay
    • Bombs away for Air Canada!! Coming off an impressive freshman season, T-Bone makes his first appearance as a team captain! Last season, he missed one game due to sickness and then had a terrible game against Team Keeton in which he was completely rag dolled and tossed around. This season, we are looking for Mackay to bring it right out of the gates!
  • Tim Monteiro
    • Also in his first season as a team captain, Timmy is going to present a lot of defenses with problems due to his quick speed. We could see Monteiro’s team being a dark horse in this year’s GSBL!
  • Jared Kobernat
    • Last, but certainly not least, the runner up to the Freshman Phenom last season! One of the most talented players in our league will don the captain’s armband and take all the pressure on his young shoulders! We believe he can still have a fantastic season, but he will need to draft a REALLY GOOD team!

The Opening Scrimmage in the 2018 Golden State Basketball League is set for tomorrow night at 8:30PM! You can catch all the coverage beginning at 8:25PM only on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network! Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway will be LIVE with all the action!