The Opening Scrimmage in the 2018 Golden State Basketball League is just 3 days away! The purpose of the Opening Scrimmage is to try and impress the six team captains enough to perhaps boost your draft stock. There is also an good opportunity to either rise or fall in the BR Post-Scrimmage Player Rankings.

After the first day of signings, we registered 56 sign ups which is a GSBL record for a first day! This already means that there will be at least 9 players per team with 2 teams having 10 total! Also, with several days still left to sign up, we expect another 5 to 7 players to join which would then bring our total over 60 and give some teams 11 players in total! Unfortunately, this COULD present a problem…

The more players on a team, the less playing time per player. This is also means that the Commissioner will have to be very aggressive with making sure the six captains give enough playing time to all of their players! If anyone knows the GSBL, they know good and well that THAT will NOT happen! The good thing is that when some of the players are out of town or cannot play, the captains will still have several bench players to filter in for different rest periods!

The Opening Scrimmage is THIS Sunday night at 8:30PM in the GSBC Gymnasium! Join Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway for the full play by play action ONLY on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network courtesy of Facebook LIVE!