The stage is set for what promises to be a most intriguing basketball season in the GSBL! With the return of Brad Keeton, the maturity of Jared Kobernat as an athlete, the dominance of Stephen Roueche, the exciting and new freshman¬†and the departing of Sam Slattery—the question remains: who will rise above mediocrity and seize their opportunity at stardom??? We have compiled a rough rendition of our pre-season player rankings that include the returning players AND the freshman phenoms! Once the season begins, we will switch back to the two lists and separate the returnees from the rookies!

  • Worth noting: from what we know as of now, the 2018 GSBL lost 13 players from the 2017 GSBL to graduation, transfer or just not playing.

Let’s begin:

1. Mac Mayfield

  • In his final season of basketball at Golden State Baptist College, Mayfield returns as a Masters student with ONE goal in mind: redemption. After last year’s painful ending against Team Slattery, the best player in the GSBL returns to right the wrongs from last season’s championship game ending. There is no doubt about it—Mac Mayfield is the BEST player going into this year’s GSBL!

2. Stephen Roueche

  • Gifted. Talented. All-around skill. These are just some of the characteristics that come to mind when discussing Stephen. He was the 2017 GSBL Freshman Phenom and also recorded the 2nd most points scored last season with 83! As a rising sophomore with loads of potential, he has ALOT on his shoulders going into this season.

3. Brad Keeton

  • After an unfortunate ACL injury last season in Week 1, Brad returns better than ever to the GSBL! It is worth noting that he is playing better and performing better than he was last season at the time of his injury! Look out for his basketball prowess and skill to shine brightly in this coming season!

4. Jared Kobernat

  • The maturity of Kobernat as an athlete has been talked about greatly since last season’s championship game. After spending 2 games on the CL last season, he finished as a champion as a member of Team Slattery. However, despite him missing two games last season, he still managed to score 58 points which landed him in a tie for 6th in the league in scoring! Our prediction for Jared is that he will be Top 3 in scoring if he plays a full season. The key word: IF.

5. Tyler Mackay

  • After an impressive freshman season, Mackay returns to the GSBL with more experience and skill from last season. Look for him to start out slow, but develop into a Top 5 player mid-season!

6. Jon Keeton

  • Jon is one of our best big men in the GSBL. Despite Jon being a big man, he can step behind the arc and consistently hit the 3! Once again, a disappointing end to the season will be all that Keeton needs to give him that extra boost to put on a show game in and game out.

7. Kevin Baker

  • His playoffs last season were incredible!! 13 points and 17 rebounds as well as 5 steals and 2 assists in the two games that he played! His aggression on the court and his ability to hit the 3 is what makes him a Top 10 player in this league!

8. Jon Donley

  • Despite Donley not making the playoffs last season, he finished the regular season in the top 10 at the #6 spot. His ball handling skills have slightly decreased since his high school prime, but he still has one of the best basketball minds and set of hands in our league!

9. Dexter Tanqueco

  • The hottest and quickest hands in our league put up 48 points overall last season and added 12 points in his semifinal performance! We anticipate a coming out year for Dex as he embarks on his upper classmen years!

10. Tim Monteiro

  • Rounding out the top 10 is the streaky, but fast Tim Monteiro. He put up 50 points in the regular season and added 16 points and 12 rebounds in his 2 playoff games. Tim has the ability to take over a game with his quick hands and fast feet. We predict that he will finish the season Top 7 in point scoring.

With the top 10 behind us, we will just list the remaining players in the order that we believe they deserve to be placed. Once the season begins, all the talk will go out the door and the only thing left will be the performance!

11. Norman Cook

12. Mark Alejo

13. Drew Brock

14. Patrick Seamster

15. Nate Patton

16. Miguel Gomez

17. Jon Reimers

18. Trent Bailey

19. Adam Roepke

20. Ricky Friedly

21. Aarion Johnson

22. Jeremiah Lendt

23. Duke Andrade

24. Pablo Cuevas

25. Tyler Pettis

26. Marcus Peterson

27. DJ Chitty

28. Dylan Lemmons

29. Nathan Shook

30. Aaron Lopez

31. Trent Hauser

32. Jonathan Popovici

33. Omar Limon

34. Chad Correia

35. Ari Hernandez

36. Alex Burks

37. Ruben Iniguez

38. Yong Kim

39. Josiah Goddard

40. Damon Covalt

41. Drake Hathaway

42. Jake Brown

43. Nate Post

44. Moises Perez

45. David Koehler