The following is the direct transcript that the GSBC Bleacher Report received from the Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network:


“At the conclusion of the 2017 GSSL World Cup, the future of the GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC BRN was hanging in the balance. Who would pick up the reins left behind by the founders and trailblazers of the GSBC Bleacher Report? Who would continue the global phenomenon that IS the GSBC Bleacher Report?? Who could put together ONE MORE run of broadcasting the GSBC Intramural Sports Program???

A search was made and unfortunately the search was unsuccessful. We at the GSBC BRN understand that it is a HUGE undertaking and that the broadcasting aspect involves a lot of time, talents and sometimes treasure. We also took in for account that the running of the GSBC BRN plants a spotlight and a target on the people who run it! Which got me thinking…

When do you know that a dream has been fulfilled? Why does the fulfillment of a dream need to be temporary? Can the fulfillment of a dream be continuous? Does it ever end? I am approaching the end of a 4 year journey that began in September of 2014 and will end in May of 2018! During this journey, God has allowed me to be a part of many new beginnings and great ministries that has helped shape me into who I am as a man. The GSBC Bleacher Report gave me an opportunity to do something that I have always wanted to do—broadcast sports!!

Some would argue that the Golden State Basketball League is the MOST entertaining league in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program. I definitely believe that the GSBL is a very entertaining league that produces some of the best moments in sports at GSBC! There is no greater thrill in watching a player drive down the court, pull up for three, hear the swish of the ball, the roar of the crowd and the reaction of the player as he jogs back to his side of the court on defense!!

With the potential return of Brad Keeton, the rise of Jared Kobernat, the development of the potent 2017 Freshman class and the departing of the Professor, Sam Slattery—I cannot resist announcing MY RETURN to the GSBC Bleacher Report Network!!

I am returning to the GSBC Bleacher Report Network to broadcast the 2018 Golden State Basketball League! I am returning to represent the greatest Bible college in the world! I am returning to broadcast one of the greatest sports in world history! I am returning to fulfill a dream! I am returning to finish!! Sit tight, buckle up—the fun is about to begin!!”


-Caleb Turner, Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network