Another fantastic semester has concluded in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program!! The 2017 GSFFL, GSVL and GSSL put on a show for everyone who followed the GSBC ISP! We watched as the Maroon Rattlers took home the 2017 Turkey Bowl in a thrilling DOUBLE OT victory! We saw the Hawks put on a clinic in this year’s volleyball season. Finally, the Wolverines capped an impressive undefeated season with a 3-0 victory over the Maroon Cardinals last night in the GSBC Gymnasium! The game marked the end of the Fall 2017 semester and begs us to ask the question: what happens now with the GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC BRN??

The Voice of the GSBC BRN, Caleb Turner, will no longer be involved with the company with a full time role. He still plans on being available for some Sunday nights with the 2017 GSBL, but that will NOT be a full time position. Which begs us to ask the question: who will step up? There has been much searching and seeking as to finding the NEXT person or PERSONS to assist with the GSBC Bleacher Report Network! We are confident that the future of the GSBC Bleacher Report will be in excellent hands with the team that has been put in place; but what about the network?

We are calling upon a student or several students to take it upon themselves to take over the GSBC Bleacher Report Network! We need someone who has some camera experience and some computer live streaming experience to step up and volunteer to take over the GSBC BRN side of things for this next semester going forward into the future. This would involve the dedication to livestreaming EVERY GSBC Intramural Sports event for the next semester. Going into the summer break, someone else could be found to take over the reins going into the Fall 2018 GSBC ISP, but a long term volunteer would be preferred!

The GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC BRN have become a PART of Golden State Baptist College! We want the company to continue assisting family and friends in bringing the GSBC Intramural Sports Program to the big screen no matter what the sport!

A BIG thank you to Golden State Baptist College, President Cameron Giovanelli, former Commissioner Callaghan, Commissioner Obstaculo, Media Director Mike Moyer, I.T. Director Adam Russ, I.T. Assistant Director Gareth Oxendine and the scores of college students and staff members who assisted in helping produce and promote the GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC BRN! This past semester was a blur, but the Lord truly blessed and we are excited for what the future holds!!