The grand finale of all grand finales! The two best soccer teams that our league has to offer: the Yellow Wolverines vs the Maroon Cardinals!! Winner take all: 2017 GSBC World Cup winners!! One would say right off the bat that the Wolverines are heavy favorites. While that fact may be true, we beg to differ! In order to sell the promotional value of this massive event, we MUST build it up as an equal match! Let’s look at some keys for each team that will either make or break their World Cup chances:


  • Yellow Wolverines
    • Bryan Rodriguez MUST perform. He has constantly shown us all season long that he is by far the BEST offensive player in our league. His skill set makes him a lock for scoring at least ONE goal on Sunday night. However, this is the biggest spotlight. This is the truly sold-out crowd. This is the grandest stage of them all. Can he perform when the lights are the brightest? He will have to in order for the Wolverines to win.
    • What will the Wolverines do to conserve energy? Since Omar Limon and Moises Perez are on the CL, the Wolverines will be without substitutions. This means that the 5 players that start the game WILL have to play the entire game! It would be very wise for the Wolverines to consider playing a very intense style for the first 5 minutes to try and take an early lead. With a lead, the Wolverines WILL BE unstoppable. We look at Sammy Martinez in the middle and while he has shown a lot of will to win over the last several games, it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out that his endurance level is NOT that high. Team Captain Maico Rubio will have his hands full IF they play a more defensive style, but it might be the wiser decision.
    • The defense needs to produce offensively. We are looking at you, Aaron Lopez and Caleb Baltazar! In the technical sense, no defender has scored a goal this season. In fact, very few defenders have actually fired SHOTS ON GOAL! This is the LAST chance for a defensive player to produce offensively. We believe that whichever teams gets a goal from a defensive player will win the World Cup!


  • Maroon Cardinals
    • Winning WITHOUT Ruben Iniguez. Due to the CL, Ruben will not be able to play in the World Cup. Does this make it impossible for the Cards to pull off a W? Not at all. While Iniguez brings a soccer mind to the court, he has only scored 1 goal and that came last week in the semifinals against a shorthanded Wildcats team. He is an excellent player and has a VERY HIGH IQ for the game of soccer, but he just hasn’t produced much in terms offense and the Cardinals will need ALOT of offense to beat the high powered Wolverines.
    • Can Aarion Johnson learn to pass? The response to this is: he knows how to pass. Well, maybe he knows how to pass, but does he know how to pass the ball properly? No. Not even close yet. You cannot expect to win games when you dance around the court (making very nice moves) and unload the ball on your teammate who is caught off guard because he is shocked that you actually passed the ball to him! Johnson has the body and the skill to be an excellent soccer player! His problem is not doing enough; his problem is trying to do too much! If he settles down and gets Nate Post involved throughout the game, the Cardinals WILL WIN on Sunday night. It really all rides on Aarion Johnson’s performance.
    • Where is Ari Hernandez? The man has literally been invisible! If the Cardinals cannot find Mr. Hernandez, they can just kiss the World Cup goodbye! Ari brings SOME offense to the table with his skill set, but we have yet to witness that on display! This Sunday night, it will be paramount for Hernandez to step up and produce for his team.


This marks the FINAL game of the Fall 2017 GSBC Intramural Sports Program! In what promises to be a most incredible finale, the GSBC Bleacher Report will forever be changed after this Sunday night! Our lead broadcaster, Caleb Turner, will be calling his LAST game in a permanent role. He will still see the finish of his contract which completes in May of 2018, but it will no longer be in a consistent role. The GSBC Bleacher Report will be undergoing some incredible changes that has the GSBC Bleacher Report Universe buzzing with excitement!

Be sure to join Caleb Turner this Sunday night at 8:30PM in what promises to be a most incredible soccer game between the #1 Yellow Wolverines and the #3 Maroon Cardinals! The 2017 GSBC World Cup is on the line!! Who will take home the prize?? Find out this Sunday night with coverage beginning at 8:25PM and kickoff slated for 8:30PM!