We can finally catch our breath! After an incredible DOUBLE OVERTIME championship game, the Maroon Rattlers held on for a goal line stand to knock off the Black Ninjas and secure the 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl by a score of 18-12 in a defensive game for the ages!!

Team Captain Jon Keeton said that he would need his defense and secondary to step up and boy did they ever step up! To only give up 12 points to a very potent Ninja offense is a fantastic accomplishment in itself! The game was heavily favored to both defenses and the Big Boys Club of the Ninjas did ALOT of work inside to keep the running game of the Rattlers held in check! At the half, the score was 6-0 Rattlers on a catch by Patrick Seamster, but the crowd at Montague Park Field was getting restless!

The Ninjas tied the game on a touchdown catch by Stephen Roueche, but soon found themselves in the hole again as Patrick Seamster caught his 2nd TD of the game to make it 12-6! In the final minute of the 4th quarter, Ethan McCurry drove the Ninjas down the field and scored a touchdown with 4 seconds to go as he found Jake Brown in the end zone to tie the game at 12! Unfortunately for the Ninjas, they were unable to get the point after try so we went to overtime. Both teams could not score in the 1st OT so we went to a 2nd! Jon Keeton found Patrick Seamster on a lovely floating pass that Patrick went up and brought down for an impressive 3rd TD catch on the night! The Ninjas were unable to respond and the Rattlers held them out of the end zone at about the 5 yard line!

As his team began celebrating, Patrick Seamster made his way over to the broadcast booth to give his thoughts on the Turkey Bowl victory! The MVP of the 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl began to explain that his performance was dedicated to his mom and that he was glad that he could help the team get a victory!

The final score read 18-12, but the game was truly a defensive battle from start to finish! A big thank you to Caleb Turner, Joshuah Unger, Chris Jaimes Jr., Nathan Root, Brianna Turner and Lauren Gibson who had a big part in bringing the commentary, video footage and pictures to the world wide web! To Commissioner Obstaculo, former Commissioner Callaghan, President Giovanelli, Vice President Oxendine, Chairman Waterhouse and senior student Brad Keeton for helping with the different particulars that helped make the 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl run smoothly!

The 2017 Golden State Flag Football League is officially completed! The final score of the 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl:

  • Maroon Rattlers 18 W/2OT
    • Game MVP: Patrick Seamster 3 REC TD
  • Black Ninjas 12