For a normal weekend in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program, we would probably build it up just like we normally do. However, this weekend in the GSBC ISP will go down as the biggest weekend of the semester! With the 2017 GSFFL playoffs and the final games of the regular season for the 2017 GSVL and 2017 GSSL along with the 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl, this weekend is definitely must see television!!


2017 Golden State Flag Football League PLAYOFFS

  • #1 Black Ninjas vs #4 Golden War Eagles 2:30PM
    • At the beginning of the season when the hype was being built for the return of Drew Brock, the War Eagles were easy favorites to win the 2017 Turkey Bowl! Brock brought a style of game last season that left defenses with no answer on how to stop him. Instead, his work schedule changed and he was unable to play this season for the War Eagles. this left Team Captain Pablo Cuevas without a quarterback and basically without a team. (no offence to the War Eagles) Their only win was a 2-0 forfeiture in the first week of the season which means their overall point differential was embarrassing! (-86) For the War Eagles to beat the Ninjas, they will need EVERY player to show up—and we mean EVERY player!! (That means you too, Drew Brock) If the War Eagles do not have their junior stud in Brock, the War Eagles will see their point differential crack the 100 point mark and they will be left to watch the Turkey Bowl from the grandstands come Monday morning! Where are the Ricky Friedly’s and the Marcus Peterson’s and the Bryan Rodriguez’s and the Tyler Pettis’s??? These guys MUST show up, step up and stand up for their team to even have a chance to win!
    • As for the Ninjas, they sport a cool 4-1 record and have ALL the momentum on their side! MVP, Team Captain Ethan McCurry, has his boys gunning on all cylinders and should have no problem getting through the War Eagles and into the Turkey Bowl! In Week 3, the Ninjas beat the War Eagles 35-6 in what was an extremely dominating performance of offense and defense combined! Look for the Ninjas to take it easy and settle into the 1st half. They have no need to fear the result as it can basically be marked as a win. They need to wear the War Eagles down and generate a consistent run game with a semi-consistent pass game and they will be just fine! Look for Kevin Baker and Jake Brown to light it up in the receiving positions!
    • We like the Ninjas all the way in this game. IF the unthinkable, unbelievable and unimaginable happens and Drew Brock shows up to play, we believe the game result will still be the same; but it will be A LOT closer! We are taking the Ninjas 27-13 without Drew Brock and IF Brock plays, we are taking the Ninjas 27-26 in overtime!
  • #2 Maroon Rattlers vs #3 Green Spartans 3:30PM
    • The Spartans hobbled into the playoffs by losing to the Ninjas in Week 5 to drop to the #3 position. However, they did put up a good fight against the Ninjas and probably would have completed the comeback and won had their Freshman Phenom, Norman Cook, been able to stay! From what we have heard, the Spartans will be without Norman Cook this Saturday and that could cost Team Captain DJ Chitty very dearly! The only other answer for the Spartans to win is IF they have a full team to play! Now, from what we have heard, they will have at least 8 and may even have a bench player to boot! Chitty needs his offensive line to hold up and give him, or whoever he has step in to be quarterback, time to make the best play decision!
    • The Rattlers have struggled to get a complete team together all season long! Last week, they won 2-0 due to the War Eagles not having enough players; but even then, the Rattlers only had 6! The big questions for the Rattlers are as follows: Can Team Captain Jon Keeton put together a complete team? Will Aarion Johnson play under control, but still have that very aggressive aspect? Can Patrick Seamster step up and make a big impact? Will Nate Post be playing at 100%? These questions will need to go in the favor of Keeton in order for his team to get the win.
    • We think the Spartans have too much experience to NOT pick them to win. Captain Chitty and his defensive first mindset is, in our opinion, too much to overcome and we see the Spartans coming away with a 27-21 victory!

The weather at kickoff is suppose to be a mild 61 degrees and should drop into the mid 50s by the start of the 2nd game! Join Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger for the full play by play broadcast LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network via Facebook LIVE!!

2017 Golden State Volleyball League Week 6

2017 Golden State Soccer League Week 6

  • Maroon Cardinals (1-3-1, W-D-L) vs Blue Wildcats (1-2-2, W-D-L)
    • Going into Week 6, the Cardinals are looking for at minimum a DRAW and they will be through to the playoffs with the #2 seed. The Wildcats need a WIN to take the #2 spot; but knowing how stingy the Cardinals defense and goaltending has been this season, goals will be at a premium for the Wildcats! Both of these teams dropped their pivotal clashes with the Wolverines and Bulls alike and need to regroup before going into the playoffs!
    • We like the Cardinals in this game with a 2-0 victory.
  • Yellow Wolverines (3-2-0, W-D-L) vs Green Bulls (1-1-3, W-D-L)
    • The Green Bulls are on fire! Literally. They put a 3 spot on the Wildcats to secure their FIRST victory of the season while the previous week they found themselves with their first point in a 0-0 DRAW with the Cards. Team Captain Jeremiah Lendt must be eating and drinking the special sauce because he is an absolute brick wall in between the pipes! With the Wolverines still undefeated, could this be the week that the Bulls shock the world and hand the Wolverines their first L??
    • We don’t think so. However, we do believe the Bulls will be coming away with their 3rd straight week of getting points. We like a 2-2 DRAW to finish the season. If those results follow through, the Bulls will avoid the Wolverines in the semifinals and play the Cardinals in the playoffs on December 3rd! What a story that will be!

Join Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway LIVE from the Bear Cave on Sunday night, the 19th at 8:30PM for the Opening Kickoff live on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network via Facebook LIVE!!

2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl

  • On Monday, November 20th, the two best teams that remain in this year’s GSFFL, will go head to head in the GSBC Turkey Bowl! It is a spectacular event in which the entire student body and staff of Golden State Baptist College will be in attendance!! For the first time in the history of the college, the GSBC Turkey Bowl will be livestreamed on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network via Facebook LIVE! Coverage will begin at 10:45AM as Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger will feature a pregame show to get you ready for the Showcase of the Immortals, the Grandest Stage of Them All, the Super Bowl of GSBC—The 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl!!! Kickoff is set for 11AM and as of now, the weather forecast shows 24% chance of rain at kickoff with the temperatures hovering in the mid 60s! It is bound to be a historical day as the top two teams in the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League will go one on one to decide who becomes the 2017 Turkey Bowl Champs!!