At last, we have reached the end…which means it is time to unveil our end of the season player awards! The staff of the GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC Bleacher Report Network got together with members of the GSBC Intramural Sports Network to put together our end of the season player awards!

We will start with the Performance Based Awards which go to the players who won the award due to their overall performance meaning stats.


  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Best Captain Award
    • Ethan McCurry: 4-1 record
      • McCurry was the backbone of this team after their Week 2 loss and he helped the team rattle off 3 straight wins to clinch the #1 spot in the playoffs.
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Touchdown King
    • Norman Cook: 12 total touchdowns (6 passing, 5 rushing, 1 returning)
      • Cook was a stud all season long for the Spartans and he will have to be the reason why his team wins the Turkey Bowl.
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Tackle Man
    • DJ Chitty: 22 tackles
      • Team Captain DJ Chitty is quite possibly one of the best defensive players the GSFFL has ever seen! He is always plugging the holes and grabbing the flags to help his team win.
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Magnet Man
    • David Koehler: 11 receptions
      • The Magnet Boy himself! He hauled in the most receptions to help his team achieve a 4-1 regular season record!

These next awards are what we call, the “Chosen Awards” as our analysts got together to select these.

  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season MVP (Most Valuable Player)
    • Ethan McCurry
      • Team Captain Ethan McCurry deserves the MVP because he helped his team overcome a slow 1-1 start to finish 4-1 en route to a #1 position going into the playoffs! He was solid as a quarterback which gave him opportunities to both throw and run. His negatives would be that he only threw one interception, but goodness—that is nothing compared to the other QBS! He also put together just over 100 yards rushing as well as a rushing touchdown. He kept his team together and managed to have a full 8 man roster every week of the season! Unanimous vote for MVP!
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season MOP (Most Outstanding Player)
    • Norman Cook
      • Norman was the best offensive weapon that our league had to offer this season. When he was in the lineup, he was dominating and had the ability to change the game on a dime! We had no question that Cook deserved our Most Outstanding Player Award and we are definitely looking forward to the playoffs to watch him play!
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Freshman Phenom (Best Rookie)
    • Norman Cook
      • Of all the rookies, there was NONE that wow’d us more than Mr. Cook.
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season DPOY (Best Defender) 
    • DJ Chitty
      • The man had the most tackles and the most grit and determination to get the job done on the defensive side. Mr. Chitty thrives on a defensive battle so we hope he brings his A game on Saturday for the playoffs!
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Unsung Hero Award (Best Unknown Player)
    • Jake Brown
      • We do not hear his name mentioned often, but he did lead the league in receiving yards AND in receiving touchdowns!
  • 2017 GSFFL Regular Season Most Exciting Play of the Year (Best Play)
    • Marcus Peterson in Week 2
      • In Week 2, Marcus Peterson ran a 60 yard dash to the house on the very first play of the game! He broke many tackles and left many defenders in his dust! It was by far our most exciting play of the year!