We have a Championship Game set, but it was not determined without a little drama along the way! As the tournament comes to a conclusion tomorrow with the Championship Game at 11AM, we take a look back on Day 2 and recap the results:


  • Shasta Baptist vs Regency Baptist (Quarterfinal #1)
    • 34-6 Regency Baptist (10 peak live streamers)
  • Willamette Valley Baptist vs Hopewell Baptist (Quarterfinal #2)
    • 45-44 in OT Willamette Valley Baptist (10 peak live streamers)
  • North Valley Baptist JV vs Shasta Baptist (6th Place Game)
    • 53-23 North Valley Baptist JV (6 peak live streamers)
  • North Valley Baptist Varsity vs Willamette Valley Baptist (Semifinal #1)
    • 52-9 North Valley Baptist Varsity (11 peak live streamers)
  • Regency Baptist vs Faith Baptist (Semifinal #2)
    • 60-23 Faith Baptist (18 peak live stream viewers)
  • Willamette Valley Baptist vs Regency Baptist (3rd Place Game)
    • 46-27 Regency BaptistĀ  (7 peak live streamers)


Our coverage of the 2017 GSBC FAAC will take a turn in sports to the Volleyball Championship Game which will begin at 9AM PST tomorrow between the North Valley Baptist Bulldogs and the Montecito Baptist Hawks!! Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway will be LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network with full play by play coverage! Following the volleyball game, we will transition to the highly anticipated basketball championship game which features the North Valley Baptist Bulldogs taking on the Faith Baptist Swordsmen!! The sports rivalry of FBA and NVBS will come to a climax as this basketball game takes center stage in must see television!! Join Caleb Turner and Jonathan Treadway for the full play by play coverage beginning at 11AM PST or whenever the volleyball game concludes! The 2017 GSBC FAAC Basketball Division and Volleyball Division comes to an end tomorrow…don’t miss the exciting finales!!