THE 2017 GSFFL IS BACK!!! After three weeks off, the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League takes CENTER STAGE in Week 5 which also happens to be the last week of the regular season! You may ask, “What is significant about the games this weekend?” Well, the answer is found in our article that highlights the different tie breaking scenarios that will present themselves this Saturday afternoon! 2017 GSFFL Playoff Tie Breaking Scenarios. As far as our pregame reports? Keep reading…


2017 Golden State Flag Football League Week 5

  • Green Spartans vs Black Ninjas at 2:30PM
    • What an incredible way to begin out weekend of sports! A battle for supremacy in the 2017 GSFFL looms in this “Battle of the Heavyweights.” In terms of offering our pregame fresh takes, it really will come down to IF the Spartans can have a full team present. The Ninjas ALWAYS have a complete team so we are not worried about them showing up. Team Captain Ethan McCurry has the secret ingredient to getting his players to actually show up. On the other hand, Team Captain DJ Chitty will have his hands full in getting his entire team to show up.
    • What is there to play for? If the Ninjas win, they will clinch #1 overall in the playoffs. If the Spartans win by 4 or more points AND the Rattlers LOSE to the War Eagles, the Spartans would take the #1 overall seed into the playoffs.
    • What is the worst thing that can happen? If the Ninjas lose and the Rattlers win and make up the (+16) overall point differential deficit with the Ninjas, the Ninjas would drop to the #3 seed for the playoffs. As for the Spartans, the worst they could finish is still the #3 seed.
  • Golden War Eagles vs Maroon Rattlers at 3:30PM
    • The War Eagles are atrocious. No way to say it any nicer. They have a win ONLY because the Rattlers didn’t have a full team for the first game of the season! They have a (-86) overall point differential as they have ONLY scored 26 points on the season while giving up an astounding 112!! Needless to say, it would be a miracle if the War Eagles win! For the Rattlers, they just need to get the bare minimum of 6 players to show up. If they get 6 to play, there is NO WAY that the War Eagles would win even with 7 on the field! Team Captain Jon Keeton needs to maintain and WIN by at LEAST 17 points and hope that the Spartans will have beaten the Ninjas in the first game.
    • What is there to play for? If the War Eagles win, they will take the #3 seed going into the playoffs! Amazingly as it seems, the War Eagles could actually take the #3 spot in the playoffs after such an embarrassing season! If the Rattlers WIN by 17 or more points AND the Ninjas LOSE, the Rattlers will take the #1 seed going into the playoffs!
    • What is the worst thing that can happen? If the War Eagles lose, they will officially be the laughing stock of the 2017 GSFFL. To win a game due to forfeiture and then basically not even show up performance-wise for the rest of the season—embarrassing. If the Rattlers lose, they will finish in the #4 seed going into the playoffs.


The weather is set to be a mild 66 degrees at kickoff of the Ninjas/Spartans game. At the time of the kickoff in the 2nd game, the temperature will drop into the 50s! The GSBC Bleacher Report Network is excited for the conclusion of the 2017 GSFFL and even more excited for the playoffs to begin! Join Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger from Montague Park Field for the full play by play broadcast beginning at 2:30PM ONLY on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page!!


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