The GSBC Bleacher Report Network is still looking for a couple more people to assist in the livestreaming of the 2017 GSBC FAAC basketball games. We have received information from The Registrar, Mrs. Manley, that the college will allow people to put the “camera livestreaming” on their 3 hour cards for the 2017 GSBC FAAC ministry duties.

If you are interested in taking a 1 hour slot, please message the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page OR let the Voice of the GSBC BRN, Caleb Turner, know sometime this week. A cool opportunity to assist in advertising for the college AND helping family members get a chance to watch their sons, grandsons, nephews or cousins play basketball, does not present itself every day. The job is open to both guys and girls and would involve basic camera skills and basic computer skills. Very simple.

The 2017 GSBC Fine Arts and Athletic Competitions will take place next Monday through Wednesday! The GSBC Bleacher Report Network will be livestreaming the basketball games AND the volleyball championship game! Be sure to tune in for the Opening Tip in the 2017 GSBC FAAC Basketball Tournament as Caleb Turner will have the FULL play by play NEXT Monday at 11AM!!