The shape of the 2017 Golden State Soccer League was finally hand crafted into a near “final product.” The Green Bulls have made things VERY interesting with a 3-1 victory over the Blue Wildcats while the Yellow Wolverines have established themselves as the super power that they really are with a 2-0 shutout against the Maroon Cardinals. Our thoughts:


  • Green Bulls 3 vs Blue Wildcats 1
    • The Bulls have struggled all season long. It was quite evident with their 3 game losing streak to start the season. However, their goaltending was not necessarily the problem. Team Captain Jeremiah Lendt has been a brick wall all season long for the Bulls. The defense and the strikers have been desperately lacking in goal scoring depth and defensive stands. Last week, the Bulls got their FIRST overall point of the season. This week, they came in with vengeance and such veracity that has not been seen yet this season. Alejandro Lizardi set up Omar Lemus with a lovely ball early in the 1st half to which Lemus had no problem burying his 1st goal of the season! Fast forward ahead to the 2nd half where Luis Elizondo and Alejandro Lizardi played give and go and Lizardi went between Jonathan Popovici’s legs to then fire the ball in between goalkeeper Joseph Lalman’s legs. The brilliance did not stop there as Alejandro reaped the benefits of a major gaffe by Lalman as he came way out of his net to try and score a goal of his own! Lizardi found himself with the ball and fired a beauty of a finish as the ball bounced just above the ground. 3 goals for the Bulls is HUGE and gives them ALOT of confidence going into the BYE week.
    • The Wildcats are definitely licking their wounds after they were completely out-classed, out-gunned and out-manned in a blow out loss to the last place Bulls. In fact, it may as well been a 3-0 shutout, but Team Captain Pablo Cuevas was FINALLY rewarded for all of his efforts last week with a goal in the late stages of the 2nd half! Joseph Lalman needs to learn to stay in his net and the defense that was once so dominant has fallen from grace. Going into the BYE, the Wildcats need to refocus and realize that there is still ALOT to play for this season and that speed bump in the road should be EXACTLY THAT—JUST a speed bump. Move on.
  • Yellow Wolverines 2 vs Maroon Cardinals 0
    • The Wolverines were in no question, #1 in the league since Game 1. However, the last several weeks have shown that the Wolverines may just be human and beatable. Last night, all of those humanity references were thrown out the door as the Wolverines put on a display of offense, defense and goaltending that would leave the legendary Jordan Gilreath and Leo Figueroa proud. Carlos Perez fired his 2nd goal of the season off an assist from the leading goal scorer, Bryan Rodriguez. Moments later, B-Rod added to his impressive resume with his 7th goal of the season which was an absolute cannon of a goal! Aaron Lopez received a red card for unsportsmanlike behavior. It was the first red card shown on the season and despite people disagreeing with it, we will stand in solidarity with the referees in the 2017 GSSL.
    • The Cardinals had one job and that was to not all the Wolverines to win. IF the Wolverines won, Maico Rubio’s boys would lock up 1st place in this year’s GSSL! Well, the offense of the Cardinals was so sporadic and the defense was constantly jumping up in the rushes. Team Captain Jon Reimers may have let Bryan Rodriguez into his head as they were seen jabbering throughout the game about different plays. Nate Post is still struggling with an ankle injury from earlier in the season. Aarion Johnson plays too loose and likes to control the game in his own way. Ruben Iniguez let his warnings pile up and he ended up receiving his own red card which was the 2nd one pulled on the night. Josiah Goddard was probably the only bright spot for the Cardinals as he was seen running all over the place with defense and offense alike! The Cardinals will only need a DRAW in the season finale against the Wildcats to lock up the 2nd place seed in the playoffs!


After an incredible weekend of soccer that basically broke our Richter Scale of soccer in the 2017 GSSL, we take a week off and the center stage is on Week 5 in the 2017 GSFFL and Week 5 in the 2017 GSVL! Be sure to join Caleb Turner and the GSBC Bleacher Report Network on Saturday, November 11 for the full play by play coverage of Week 5 in the 2017 GSFFL followed by Week 5 in the 2017 GSVL at 6:30PM on the GSBC Intramural Sports Network!