With the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League postponing the Week 5 finale until next week, all eyes remain fixated on the Golden State Volleyball League and the Golden State Soccer League! All the action will begin tomorrow at 3PM as the 2017 GSVL will initiate another classic doubleheader! The action will conclude on Sunday at 8:30PM as well as 9:30PM as the 2017 GSSL takes center stage in two incredible Week 5 battles!!


2017 Golden State Volleyball League Week 4

*Check the GSVL Week 4 Schedule for all the details on WHO is playing WHO!

  • Game 1: 3PM
  • Game 2: 4PM


2017 Golden State Soccer League Week 5

  • Green Bulls (0-1-3, W, D, L) vs Blue Wildcats (1-2-1, W-D-L)
    • The Bulls are coming off their FIRST point of the season. The Wildcats battled to an impressive DRAW against the league leading Wolverines. Both teams have something to prove in this week’s game…so you’re telling me that we will probably see another DRAW?????? It is getting almost humorous on how many draws we have seen this season. There is no extra desire to win from the players and to get everyone to sleep at a reasonable hour, the Commissioner has decided against extra time or penalty kicks. Fortunately for the sleep schedule, it helps. Unfortunately for the fans of the 2017 GSSL, we lack the amount of entertainment that we were anticipating this season!
    • We expect the Bulls to start slow, but gain momentum in the second half. Look out for those Wildcats and the beautiful passing from Lorenzo Varela and Jonathan Popovici. Due to the holes in the Bulls mid-court, we are anticipating alot of goals being scored. We are calling the Wildcats over the Bulls 3-2. This is nothing against the excellent goaltending of Team Captain Jeremiah Lendt. This is EVERYTHING against the lacking in the Bulls D core. Prove us wrong, Bulls defense!!
  • Maroon Cardinals (1-3-0, W-D-L) vs Yellow Wolverines (2-2-0,W-D-L)
    • Wow. What more can we say? The two best goalies in this year’s GSSL will face head to head in what promises to be a MOST entertaining matchup! The last time these teams met, we were treated to a 1-1 DRAW that was quite possibly the BEST game in the last 2 seasons! This week, we feel like the Cardinal are going to snap their 3 game DRAW streak and pull out a dramatic win to become the NEW #1 seed in this year’s GSSL! A win for the Cards would put them at 9 points leapfrogging the Wolverines by 1.
    • According to popular demand, Team Captain Maico Rubio is the BEST goalie in the GSSL! We actually agree. However, the key is the 4 digit number that comes before the GSSL…2017. We believe Team Captain Jon Reimers is BEST goalie in the 2017 Golden State Soccer League! We will go a step further and say that Team Captain Maico Rubio is the BEST goalie in the Golden State Soccer League, but just not this season. Obviously, all of that can go OUT THE DOOR IN A HURRY come this Sunday night when the high octane, super charged Wolverines go up against the defensively stable Cardinals in a PRIME TIME TILT FOR THE AGES!


All of the Week 4 action in the 2017 Golden State Volleyball League begins tomorrow afternoon at 3PM with Caleb Turner and Sam Slattery bringing the Court 1 and Court 2 broadcast LIVE on the GSBC Intramural Sports Network! The action will conclude with Week 5 in the 2017 Golden State Soccer League which takes place at 8:30PM and 9:30PM on Sunday night! Join Caleb Turner LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network for FULL play by play coverage!!