We are through 4 weeks in the 2017 Golden State Soccer League and are still confident that the Yellow Wolverines are #1 our league. However, the Blue Wildcats made a strong case and put up some fierce competition in a VERY competitive game that started our evening of soccer.

  • Yellow Wolverines 1 vs Blue Wildcats 1 DRAW
    • The Wolverines started slow like they usually do, but a very nice bounce pass off the bleacher boards got Sammy Martinez his FIRST goal of the season! Moises Perez found himself with the ball in the middle of the court coming towards the bleachers and decided to slam the ball off the base of the bleachers and hope for something amazing. Amazing DEFINITELY happened as the ball ended up on the feet of Sammy Martinez right in front of goaltender Joseph Lalman. Martinez potted home his first of the season which got the crowd hyped! The score would hold for the rest of the first half.
    • In the second half, the Wildcats came out with a lot more aggression and determination. Several opportunities presented themselves for the Wildcats, but they were unable to convert. In the final 3 minutes of the game, the Wildcats unleashed an offensive explosion and showed off an exhibition of “keep away” and passing to keep the threat in the attacking zone. With 1:30 to go in the game, Aaron Lopez shoved Pablo Cuevas in the box which resulted in a clear cut penalty kick. Jonathan Popovici stepped to the charity stripe and fired a terrible kick about 5 feet wide. The carom off the pillar bounced right back to Popovici and he fired home a beautiful roof job in the top right corner!! An incredible finish to an excellent game which resulted in a 1-1 DRAW.


  • Maroon Cardinals 0 vs Green Bulls 0 DRAW
    • This game was very boring in the first half and definitely could have put some people to sleep. IF it wasn’t for a goal line save by Jeremiah Lendt and several heavy collisions, the game could have been written off as a DRAW right from the first whistle. We do want to make note that Jeremiah was definitely the Goalie of the Week and if it wasn’t for his goals against totals, Lendt would definitely be Goalie of the Year!! He has been a brick wall all season long and has kept his team in the thick of the things for most of the season! Alejandro Lizardi was flopping around like fish out a water and Aarion Johnson was as physical as ever! The Bulls do get a much needed point that does get them on the board for the standings!


With 2 games remaining in the season and the #1 seed still up for grabs, the 2017 Golden State Soccer League rolls on NEXT Sunday night with the Bulls taking on the Wildcats followed by the Wolverines facing the Cardinals in a pivotal match that could determine who wins the #1 seed! Join Caleb Turner from the Bear Cave beginning at 8:30PM with all the action LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network!!