As many already know, the 2017 GSBC Fine Arts and Athletic Competition is taking place VERY soon. On November 13th, the three-day high school competition will begin and extend through November 15th! We at the GSBC Bleacher Report are looking forward to being a part of our very FIRST Fine Arts and Athletic Competition. Here is the special announcement: the President of Golden State Baptist College, Bro. Cameron Giovanelli, has given us the green light to LIVE STREAM the basketball games and the volleyball championship game that will be taking place during the week!!

We are very excited for this opportunity and will continue to keep people informed with more information as we receive it. Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network, Caleb Turner, will be calling the basketball games LIVE from the Bear Cave of GSBC! In total, we will be broadcasting the round robin games, the playoff games and the Championship Game for basketball. In volleyball, the only games that will be broadcasted will be the games that take place in the GSBC Gymnasium.

Obviously, this is a massive announcement that will revolutionize the way the games are both played and watched. Many family members who are unable to travel with the teams will be able to tune in LIVE on theĀ GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page. We at the GSBC Bleacher Report already cover the GSBC Intramural Sports Program which take place every weekend on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page! So, this will be an incredible “next step” that is sure to improve the athletics side of the GSBC Fine Arts and Athletic Competition!

Once we receive more information from the FAAC Director, we will keep family members and fans of the GSBC Intramural Sports Program up to date with all the important details regarding start times, schools represented and rosters! The 2017 GSBC FAAC is going to be the BEST Fine Arts and Athletic Competition in the history of the school—the GSBC Bleacher Report is honored to have a part!!