The upcoming weekend in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program will need to produce ALOT of high stakes action in order to top last week’s games! Between the 2017 GSVL and the 2017 GSSL, we as a college were entertained and impressed to a new level! Due to a college activity taking place Saturday night, the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League will be taking another BYE to allow the 2017 Golden State Volleyball League to take center court! (no pun intended) The 2017 Golden State Soccer League will still play at the same times on Sunday night with no changes!


2017 Golden State Volleyball League


2017 Golden State Soccer League (October 29th)

  • #1 Yellow Wolverines vs #3 Blue Wildcats 8:30PM
    • After scoring his 2nd hat trick of the season, Bryan Rodriguez looks to keep his momentum going against Joseph Lalman and the Wildcats! The Wildcats had an opportunity to get their 2nd win of the season against the Cardinals, but gave up a late goal to Aarion Johnson to DRAW the game 1-1. A positive for the Wildcats was that the first round, #3 overall draft pick, Jonathan Popovici finally scored his 1st goal of the season! The chemistry between him and Lorenzo Varela really started to blossom in the game against the Cardinals! We shall see if they can keep it going.
    • The defense for the Yellow Wolverines have been marvelous all season long! This would include the likes of Aaron Lopez and Caleb Baltazar. There is a valid argument for them being the BEST defensive pairing this season and quite possibly the BEST defensive pairing in the last several seasons! The Wolverines will be focused on containing Varela and Popovici and making sure they are unable to break out on the offensive.
  • #2 Maroon Cardinals vs #4 Green Bulls 9:30PM
    • Aarion Johnson got off the snide for the Cardinals this past week so we will be looking to see him produce even more in the coming weeks. We were not blessed with the presence of Nate Post this past week so we are hoping that he will return to action this coming Sunday night for the Cards!
    • The Bulls got their chances against the Wolverines this past Sunday night, but were unable to take advantage of their opportunities. Luis Elizondo had an opportunity to score his 2nd goal of the game with a penalty kick, but horribly struck it wide left. On the ensuing rush up the court, Bryan Rodriguez pounded his 3rd goal into the back of the Bulls net for the dagger! Alejandro Lizardi and Elizondo are leaving everything on the court while Omar Lemus is starting to show his soccer prowess on the court! Maybe this will be the week where they finally get on the board with at LEAST a DRAW!


Be sure to tune in for Week 3 in the 2017 Golden State Volleyball League LIVE on the GSBC Intramural Sports Network at 2:30PM this Saturday! Caleb Turner and Sam Slattery will have the call beginning at 2:25PM PST!! The 2017 Golden State Soccer League will continue with Week 4 on Sunday night at 8:25PM PST! Be sure to join Caleb Turner for the call LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network!!