Unfortunately, our fans who were trying to catch Week 4 on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network, experienced numerous technical difficulties which made Week 4 in the GSFFL our first “Dark Week.” This meaning that there is no video to prove what really happened. Thus, the old fashioned way of watching and taking notes like pre-GSBC Bleacher Report days was our means of covering the games. However, both games were mega blow outs that were not really worth watching unless you had a son, nephew or grandson playing! Week 4 in the GSFFL…


Black Ninjas 28 Maroon Rattlers 0

  • The Maroon Rattlers did not show up for their game against the Ninjas. (literally) Too many players have been inconsistent in their attendance for all of the teams, but specifically this past weekend for the Rattlers. The Ninjas are the first team to shutout an opponent in this season of the GSFFL. Nate Post, one of the most influential players in this year’s GSFFL, was not dressed for the game against the Ninjas. Omar Limon was another player who was not in attendance for the clash with the Ninjas. Too many rushed plays by Aarion Johnson and not enough killer instinct from the Rattlers!
  • The Ninjas have re-submitted themselves as #1 in the 2017 GSFFL! After a wire to wire victory in which the offense worked smoothly and the defense was perfect, the Ninjas are definitely on their way to a #1 overall spot! The only team that stands in their way is the Green Spartans on November 4th!

Green Spartans 42 Golden War Eagles 6

  • This Spartans team has had one of the most up and down seasons that we can remember! They started by losing a tight one to the Ninjas followed by a blow out victory against the War Eagles followed by a blow out loss to the hands of the Rattlers. They put the Golden War Eagles in their place with a 36 point shellacking against the lowly War Eagles! Norman Cook was back in the lineup and registered a kickoff return for a touchdown, a passing touchdown and two rushing touchdowns. Not to mention he also had an interception on the defensive side! The playoff tie breaking scenarios areĀ  unbelievable for the November 4th game against the Ninjas so we will explain them all in a later post.
  • The Golden War Eagles might just be the worst team in the Golden State Flag Football League over the past few seasons. The fact that they actually have a win is almost humorous due to the fact that they got that victory due to a forfeiture in Week 1 against the Rattlers! However, there are many positives to the War Eagles that we do care to mention. Damon Covalt, Hamilton Rodriguez and Ricky Friedly have consistently played with determination, hustle and loyalty all throughout the season. If the War Eagles could get a complete team together in two weeks against the Rattlers, they could at least get that “first” win of the season and finish on a high note. If they win, they will have the head to head advantage over the Rattlers due to that first game forfeiture which would therefore give them the 3rd place spot!! They could pull this train wreck together and finish in a poised position to potentially make a run at the Turkey Bowl! There is hope!!


We have been in communication with the GSBC Bleacher Report Network and they are working feverishly to correct the problems with the live streaming from this past week! The next time the GSBC BRN will be live with the 2017 Golden State Flag Football will be on the last week of the season, November 4, 2017!!