The legend of one, Norman Cook, grew so far and so fast that we lost track of his ferocious rise to stardom in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program!! Then one week, it was all over. We thought we had lost the ability to witness a freak of nature. We thought we would no longer be thrilled out of our seats. We thought the Montague Park Field fans would be silenced from chanting, “NORMAN! NORMAN! NORMAN!” HOWEVER…………..


HE. IS. BACK!!! We have received news that Norman Cook of the Green Spartans is set to return to the field tomorrow against the Golden War Eagles!! This is some of the BEST news that we could possibly garner and produce so we needed to let the fans of the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League know about these great tidings!! Adding Norman back to their lineup bolsters the Green Spartans offense in so many ways and helps the defense over the middle! Team Captain DJ Chitty MUST be thrilled to bits that his #1 gun is back and that he will assume the starting QB role! All seems to be well for the Spartans as they head into their Week 4 clash against the War Eagles!

Coverage of Week 4 begins at 2:30PM with Norman’s Spartans taking the field at 3:30PM in the 2nd game of our doubleheader! Join Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger for all the action LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network!!