The upcoming weekend in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program will produce 6 and a half hours of thrilling action that is sure to entertain the masses of GSBC ISP fans around the globe! After a weekend that featured two blow outs in the 2017 GSFFL, we grasp to a hope that the entertainment value will go through the roof this Saturday and Sunday!! The action begins at 2:30PM on Saturday, October 21 with the 2017 GSFFL. With a game at 2:30PM and 3:30PM, you can pick and choose which game you would rather watch. The action continues with Week 2 in the 2017 GSVL beginning at 6:30PM and continuing at 7:30PM. Sunday night, October 22, will conclude our coverage with the 2017 GSSL at 8:30PM and 9:30PM.

2017 Golden State Flag Football League

  • Black Ninjas vs Maroon Rattlers 2:30PM
    • We thought last week’s game was going to be big and it proved to be dud. THIS game has the makings to be the “Greatest Game in the History of the GSFFL!” With both teams coming off blow out wins, all of the attention has solely been placed on Aarion Johnson and Ethan McCurry. Johnson is coming off the heels of a 4 TD performance against the Spartans while McCurry added 2 TDs to his totals against the War Eagles. The reason why we are highlighting Team Captain Ethan McCurry is because he has brought a sense of balance to the Ninjas that we haven’t seen since Week 1! If he can continue to make things happen on the offensive side, the Ninjas high powered defense might just be able to pull off a win and avenge the Week 2 massacre at the hands of the Rattlers!
    • On the other side, Jon Keeton has his boys rollin’ like nobodies business! Nate Post was an unbelievable addition to their lineup midway through the 1st half. Although he did sustain an ankle injury, he had an immediate impact that generated the first safety of the 2017 season and assisted in causing Team Captain DJ Chitty to throw a pick six to Jon Donley. Patrick Seamster continues to quietly hang below the radar, but his contributions are not going unnoticed. We are hoping that the Rattlers will have the right amount of players (8) to make this an even matchup. Also, will Jon Keeton put up 38 receiving yards again from the center position? Fascinating game he had with 4 receptions out of the center position including 1 TD! We are picking the Rattlers to win 26-21 in a nail biter!
  • Green Spartans vs Golden War Eagles 3:30PM
    • The million dollar question is WHO will finish in last place? With the way the season will finish, the winner of this game will most likely finish in 3rd place while the loser will bring up the rear in 4th. Pending on how the first game goes, we would venture to say that whoever wins the 1st game will most likely finish on top in this year’s GSFFL! However, that leads us to ask the question: Can Team Captain DJ Chitty find some of that freshman/sophomore year magic on the football field? With rumors swirling around the status of Norman Cook, the focus and the attention MUST ALL be on the Team Captain. We understand that with a lack of 8 players, it is less likely that your team will win. However, with this weekend, Chitty needs to have FULL participation! They need to find some of that chemistry from Week 2 when they throttled the War Eagles! Unfortunately, the teammates of DJ will probably not step it up. Chitty will have to rush the ball 18 times for 75 yards like in Week 3 and hope and pray that THAT will be enough to get a W. We are looking for guys like Sean Wilson and Trent Bailey to step up and give their captain some help.
    • The War Eagles have yet to win a game, but they are 1-2. Their only “win” was from the forfeiture in Week 1 against the Rattlers. They have laid two goose eggs and have been blown out by a combined 52 points over the last two weeks!?!? (70-18) Is there any hope? Marcus Peterson and Ricky Friedly will have to be the saviors of this team. Team Captain Pablo Cuevas can only do so much which then leads us to ask the question: Should there be a permanent QB change? If so, who should take over the reins? Friedly assumed the QB position part way through the game against the Ninjas, but he was more of a running QB than anything else. When we look up and down the roster of the War Eagles, the only other name that jumps out at us is Tyler Pettis. Perhaps he will get a shot this weekend to captain the team from under center!

2017 Golden State Volleyball League

2017 Golden State Soccer League

  • Blue Wildcats vs Maroon Cardinals 8:30PM
    • After 3 weeks of BYE, we FINALLY have an opportunity to watch the 2017 GSSL yet again! Looking back to October 1st, the Wildcats pulled out a 2-1 victory over the Bulls courtesy of some excellent team ball from Lorenzo Varela, Brian Alvarado and Jonathan Popovici! We are definitely excited to watch them play against the stalwart goaltending of Team Captain Jon Reimers! Perhaps this will be the FIRST “Game of the Year” candidate in the 2017 GSSL? Only time will tell.
    • The Cardinals and Wolverines battled to an entertaining 0-0 draw which had us wondering WHY the game could not have at least ended with penalty kicks to declare a winner! However, after leaving everything on the court, the Cards will rewarded with a single point to maintain their tie at the top with the Wolverines. What more can Team Captain Jon Reimers do to impress us? On top of that, the excellent defending from David Koehler and Josiah Goddard have us putting their duo on top for BEST Defensive Duo so far! (With only 2 games played and 4 games left, that can definitely change!)
  • Green Bulls vs Yellow Wolverines 9:30PM
    • The Green Bulls are the cellar dwellers of the 2017 GSSL for 1 very important reason: Lack of Heart. They have the pieces to put together a contending team, but there just isn’t enough heart to do so. Towards the end of the game against the Wildcats, players were just not putting enough effort into trying to get the game tying goal! Now, we can understand if it is 3-0 or 4-0, but it was 2-1 and there just wasn’t enough hustle being put on the court. We admire the skill-sets of Alejandro Lizardi and Luis Elizondo, but skill-set gets you NOWHERE in the Golden State Soccer League. You have to be able to grind out games and take every shot possible! Less dancing and more shooting! 0-2, but they could easily change that and put some W’s on the board. They just need some HEART.
    • The Yellow Wolverines were victims of the “Reimers’ Wall of Rejection.” They fired 35 total shots with 9 hitting the target. 8 of them were right on Team Captain Jon Reimers, but they were unable to score. The team doctor said that Bryan Rodriguez pulled some kind of a muscle in his leg which would be a reason for his lack of potency in the 2nd half. Between Carlos Perez and Rodriguez, they fired 28 total shots with 6 hitting the target. Now, we like to watch skilled players perform at the highest level. All we are asking is that MORE of those shots hit the target which would then create more goals! This is the week that the Wolverines could really pile up the goals as they are facing the lowly Bulls. We shall find out!


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