Now with the lack of stars in the 2017 GSFFL, has the entertainment value decreased? Experts within the GSBC Intramural Sports Program would say that it has decreased by a landslide! When a person tunes in to the broadcasts on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network, they are tuning in to watch the BEST of GSBC put on a show worthy of LIVE television. However, if the BEST in our league are not competing, will people still tune in?

Family members will now hold a bulk of the viewership on the GSBC BRN. We know from past experiences that stars bring out the best in the average players. Stars will produce those mouth-dropping, awe-inspiring plays that have us always coming back for more. For instance, Marcus Peterson generated a HUGE reaction with his 60 yard mad dash to the end zone on the first play of the game in Week 2! Norman Cook’s explosive runs and deep balls to Trent Bailey had the GSBC Intramural Sports world asking for more! Joseph Lalman’s ability to create pressure on the QB will ignite ANY stagnant defense.

Over the years, we have watched DJ Chitty, Jordan Gilreath, Drew Koski, Brad Keeton and Johnny Perez create magnificent plays that enthralled us and excited us to watch more of the GSFFL. The big factor to all of these names is that they had the “star capability.” With Norman Cook and Drew Brock not playing, DJ Chitty past his prime and Brad Keeton on the IR filling in as a referee; who will step up to become the “next star of the GSFFL?”

Tomorrow, we get a glimpse of what is to come in the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League. The Green Spartans open the weekend at 2:30PM against the Maroon Rattlers while the Golden War Eagles face the Black Ninjas at 3:30PM! Be sure to tune in to the GSBC Bleacher Report Network as Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger will have the call!!