The GSBC Bleacher Report has received information regarding one of it’s TOP STARS in this year’s Golden State Flag Football League!! The news is bound to rattle the very core of what the GSFFL is. The Green Spartans star and GSFFL #1 player, Norman Cook, will no longer be able to play on Saturdays due to job obligations. This is an incredible announcement especially since last year’s GSFFL star, Drew Brock, is unable to compete on Saturdays as well due to job obligations! Obviously, we are VERY HAPPY for both of them that they have jobs, but the 2017 GSFFL is NOW WIDE OPEN for anything to happen!

Currently, we are still trying to figure out where the league goes from here. All of the revenue that was being brought in due to such incredible stardom is bound to drop! OR. Will the revenue and viewers spike due to heavier competition?? The four teams in this year’s GSFFL are all 1-1 on the season. The race for #1 is WIDE OPEN. The MVP race is WIDE OPEN.

This Saturday’s game between the Spartans and Rattlers just became VERY one-sided in favor of the Rattlers. We definitely give them the edge now that Cook will no longer be competing. Now, IF the Spartans make it to the 2017 GSBC Turkey Bowl, we are assuming he will be able to play! We will continue to update this story as we continue to get information.