After an abysmal sports BYE week in which the courts and fields of GSBC were untouched by the intramural sports program, the GSBC Intramural Sports Program returns this Saturday with the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League! This weekend features the 2017 GSFFL and the 2017 GSVL. The 2017 Golden State Soccer League will be taking a 2nd week of BYE due to the 2017 Missions Conference at NVBC which we are GREATLY ANTICIPATING!!


October 14, 2017 Schedule

  • Maroon Rattlers (1-1) vs Green Spartans (1-1) at 2:30PM
    • This has the potential to be the “Game of the Year” with the potent firepower of the Rattlers going head to head against the best pure talent in Norman Cook. Team Captain DJ Chitty is by far a master on the defensive side, but what can he do to slow the offense of the Rattlers? We could not imagine a GSFFL without Drew Brock, but now we cannot imagine a GSFFL without Norman Cook. We all want to see Norman and Drew go one on one down field or on the ground. The question is: will Brock lift his “no play” clause in his contract? We want to see it. GSBC wants to see it. The world wants to see it! Drew’s rights belong to the Golden War Eagles so it will be at least 3 weeks before it COULD happen. By the way; Trent Bailey, Dylan Lemmons and Robert Hernandez have turned into quite the wide receiving core for the Spartans! We are looking for all three of them to have excellent follow up weeks!
    • Now, for those of you wondering, Kevin Baker will NOT be playing for the Maroon Rattlers this weekend. Due to a veto decision by the commissioner, Baker was given permission to fill in the gap for the Rattlers since they had a lack of players to compete. Regardless of the addition of Baker, the Rattlers were going to roll all over the Ninjas. That is not an issue. However, the dropping of Kevin could spell problems for the Rattlers this weekend against the Spartans. Only time will tell as the process of “separating the pack” begins this week among our four (1-1) teams! Team Captain Jon Keeton will have his hands full with containing Norman, but the line of scrimmage will be KEY for Keeton’s crew!


  • Black Ninjas (1-1) vs Golden War Eagles (1-1) at 3:30PM
    • The Ninjas were left with ALOT of questions as they were blown out 38-12 two weeks ago against the Rattlers. With that being said, the biggest question is, “Who will be the starting QB?” We all know that Sam “the Surgeon” Slattery struggled mightily as the QB in the Ninjas’ tilt with the Rattlers two weeks ago. Unfortunately with the Ninjas, the bleeding did not stop when Slattery was replaced by Stephen Roueche. So now the question is: does Sam Slattery deserve a 2nd chance? Furthermore, the Ninjas did not make matters any better on the defensive side with the tendencies to give up big plays to the Rattlers. We are very curious as to what transpires in the build up to this weekend’s tilt against the War Eagles. A plus for the Black Ninjas is that they will receive Kevin Baker courtesy of the “next pick in the draft” rule. Perhaps Team Captain Ethan McCurry will give the QB green light to the newcomer??
    • On the War Eagles side, what an absolutely incredible start to the game against the Spartans. Marcus Peterson opened with a 60 yard mad dash to the house to give his team an early 6-0 lead! The unfortunate part was that Team Captain Pablo Cuevas and the rest of his team had ZERO answer for the 35-6 onslaught that the War Eagles received from the Spartans for the rest of the game! This game is full of intrigue as we have two teams doing battle with lots of questions needing to be answered! Saturday needs to hurry up!

Our October 14th GSBC Intramural Sports coverage will continue with the 2017 GSVL! As many people already know, our sisters at the GSBC Intramural Sports Network will have full pregame and in game coverage beginning at 6:30PM Saturday night!

The GSBC Bleacher Report Network will have FULL coverage of Week 3 in the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League beginning at 2:30PM with Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger bringing the call on Facebook LIVE! The GSBC Intramural Sports Network will broadcast Week 2 in the Golden State Volleyball League!