We almost got through Week 2 without any injuries. However, information has been passed down to us from Bryan Rodriguez that he “pulled his right leg muscle” at the end of the first half and was unable to perform at his highest level. His ability to still fire 14 total shots is mind blowing considering that he was in an incredible amount of pain. This would definitely explain why he was unable to crack the scoresheet against the Maroon Cardinals; but with that in mind, we are NOT taking anything away from the Cardinals defense and goaltending from shutting Rodriguez down. A one-legged Rodriguez is still probably top 5 in our league so big time props to the defensive core of the Cards!

Miguel Gomez may have sustained a mild concussion on two laser beams to the face. He was seen “drinking water” from an empty water bottle after the game. When people told him that there was no water left, he just kept “drinking the water” from the bottle. With the BYE week, the mild concussion should be cleared by GSBC Intramural Sports doctors within the week.

Joseph Lalman was taking full reps in game against the Rattlers, but we could tell that he was still holding back a little bit of that “Refrigerator-like” skills! We are confident that with an extra week off, Big Joe should be back to 100% by October 14th!

We noticed today that one Ty Woodard appears to be nursing an ankle/leg injury. He was seen on crutches today and appeared to be in a little bit of pain. Our sources our telling us that he rolled his ankle in the game against the Wildcats. We have his status as day to day and with the BYE week, we are confident that he will be back for Week 3!

As far as we know, these are the only injuries that were suffered over the weekend. We are however looking for any information regarding any other injuries that may have been sustained over this past weekend.