The start of the season has not disappointed as all four of our teams are deadlocked with a 1-1 record! However, it is quite evident as to WHO the BEST team in the GSFFL really is!


1. Maroon Rattlers

  • After an impressive victory over the previously #1 Black Ninjas, there is no doubt in our minds that the Maroon Rattlers are the BEST team in the GSFFL! Now, we know that Kevin Baker playing this past was only a ONE TIME occurrence as he will be joining the Black Ninjas for Week 3 in two weeks. However, we still believe that the Rattlers are the most well rounded team in the GSFFL. An impressive front line that held firm for Aarion Johnson on most possessions, a VERY athletic defense that garnered 12 points of their own and a pretty good wide receiving core to boot!

2. Green Spartans

  • After a 60 yard touchdown run by Marcus Peterson on the first play of the game, one would have given the Spartans every excuse to pack up and go home. However, not with a DJ Chitty led team! Due to the lack of having Drew Brock, Norman Cook is clearly the BEST pure athlete in our league! The Spartans have the BEST line in the league and THAT definitely helps Cook in getting his quality yards on scampers! Oh, Trent Bailey and Norman Cook are definitely on the same page now…LOOK OUT!!

3. Black Ninjas

  • After getting blown out by the Rattlers, having their starting QB, Sam Slattery, get chased early in the 1st half and not connecting on 3rd and 4th down plays, the Ninjas and Team Captain Ethan McCurry find themselves with ALOT of questions left to be answered. Going into the BYE week will definitely help them answer some of those questions, but their schedule does not get any easier as they will face off against the Golden War Eagles on October 14th. Oh by the way, that is the same team that got lit up by the Green Spartans! Both teams will be out for blood in two weeks!

4. Golden War Eagles

  • We understand that this team has the same record as everybody else. But everyone knows that their one win was 2-0 shutout due to a forfeiture. Could this mean that the War Eagles are all hype? Well, we do know that Marcus Peterson is one fast dude and has ALOT of potential at being the MVP of the 2017 GSFFL if he keeps his torrid pace going in two weeks against the Black Ninjas! Another good note is that the War Eagles have an excellent line of scrimmage when it comes to blocking and getting pressure on the QB. If they can just get their offense clicking, they might be able to win more than they lose!



1. Yellow Wolverines

  • We went back and forth on the #1 and #2, but still agree that the Wolverines are the #1 team in the GSSL. It also helps having the #1 player and #2 goalie on your team while your defense is probably the best overall when it comes to producing and defending. Granted, that #1 player got shut down BIG TIME by the Cardinals in an incredible between the two 1-0 teams. However, we are unmovable on having the Wolverines as the #1 team!

2. Maroon Cardinals

  • WOW. You successfully shut down the #1 player that our league has to offer. Mind you, the Cardinals shut Bryan Rodriguez down BIG TIME. IF had a couple sniffs, but not enough to get a scent of a goal! Big time props to Team Captain Jon Reimers for standing his ground in the net! Excellent defending from the Cardinals core has us impressed enough to potentially make it a debate with the Wolverines defense. For now, we will keep the Cards at #2.

3. Blue Wildcats

  • The 1st half of their tilt against the bulls had us wondering if we were going to see a goalless evening in the GSSL. However, a stroke of brilliance from Lorenzo Varela granted our wish of seeing at least ONE goal! Building on that, Brian Alvarado potted his first of the year! If they can tighten up in the middle and work on making crisper passes, they will be a team to be reckoned with. WELCOME BACK JOSEPH LALMAN!!

4. Green Bulls

  • Same result. Same story. Same loss. The Bulls are 0-2 and still have ALOT of questions that need to be answered PRONTO! A big time goal by Alejandro Lizardi gave them a chance, but they were just out-manned, out-gunned and out-resourced! They don’t really have a true goal scorer who can just TAKE OVER a game. So, with Luis and Alejandro being their goal scorers for the first two games, we are left to wonder if they can dig deeper and find another goal or two in Week 3! Credit to Jeremiah Lendt for standing strong for the better portion of the game; but once again, he is unable to make that ONE save that preserves a DRAW or gets them the WIN. Is it his defense’s fault? You be the judge,