The week is already halfway through which means we are halfway to the GSBC Intramural Sports Program taking center stage in the world of sports! With recent sports protests and instability in the professional sports world, what better way to kick back and take in some respectful sports on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network!! This is the FIRST week in which ALL of the fall season GSBC Intramural Sports will be played over the weekend!

  • Golden State Flag Football League September 30
    • Green Spartans vs Golden War Eagles 2:30PM
      • The Spartans will be looking to rebound from a 24-20 defeat to the hands of the Black Ninjas. The War Eagles won due to a 2-0 forfeiture and will be looking to sharpen their offense and defense in their first game of the season!
    • Black Ninjas vs Maroon Rattlers 3:30PM
      • The Ninjas put on an impressive show of offense in their 24-20 victory over the Spartans. With the Rattlers having not played and already 0-1 due to the forfeiture, the question is presented: will this game be a blow out?
  • Golden State Volleyball League September 30
    • Bears (Villanueva) vs Rams (Mathews) 6:30PM (Court 1)
    • Huskies (Baltazar) vs Broncos (Orlando) 6:30PM (Court 2)
    • Bears (Villanueva) vs Hawks (Respicio) 7:30PM (Court 1)
    • Huskies (Baltazar) vs Wolfpack (Strief) 7:30PM (Court 2)
  • Golden State Soccer League October 1
    • Yellow Wolverines vs Maroon Cardinals 8:30PM
      • The Battle of the 1-0 teams! This will be an exciting battle as the two best goalies in our league go head to head in a clash of titans!!
    • Blue Wildcats vs Green Bulls 9:30PM
      • Both teams will be looking for their first win this Sunday night! The Wildcats are still looking for a permanent goalie as Miguel Gomez has been rumored saying that he does not want to play goalie anymore. The Bulls will be looking for answers UP FRONT with the offense.

An incredible weekend of GSBC Intramural Sports can be seen LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network via the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page!! Join Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger with the call in the GSFFL on Saturday beginning at 2:25PM followed by Caleb Turner and Sam Slattery bringing the call at 6:30PM for the GSVL. We conclude our weekend coverage on Sunday night at 8:30PM as Caleb Turner will bring the call for the GSSL!