We are currently working on a story right now that has been building for the last 48 hours. The information that we have received would potentially deal a treacherous blow to the Golden War Eagles and Team Captain Pablo Cuevas. We have heard information regarding the acquisition of the legend himself, Drew Brock, that he may be potentially NOT playing this entire season!! This past week he was slated to play in the 2nd game of the Opening week Doubleheader. However, due to the forfeiture by the Maroon Rattlers, he was unable to put his talents on the field.

We do not have clear confirmation regarding this report, but we will update as we receive more information. THIS would deal a terrible blow to the War Eagles, but even more importantly is that it would greatly affect the Golden State Flag Football League. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Drew Brock sells tickets! He is a HUGE sell and deserves all the respect that he receives! We do hope that this is JUST a rumor and not officially true. We will try to confirm this with his camp and agent.